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HEYYY im dolan (or larry) and im quite new to neopets. i made my first account nearly 9 years ago, but i never used it and i started actively playing around 2 weeks ago. my neopets username is "130bpmnot2slow" :v)


my favorite neopet species is the skeith!!! i just think they're neat. i wanna make my skeith a plushie skeith sooo badly but i'm still poor LOL. i also like the bori, gelert, and lupe :vD


some non-neopets information about me now: i'm an autistic artist who is absolutely obsessed with pokemon and other monster-collecting franchises. i also love virtual pet sites! i am open to talking about anything you'd like and im also open to making friends any time.

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Hi and welcome to the forum Dolan! Don't worry, you'll get your plushie skeith for sure eventually. It's easier then ever to collect NP. Make sure to check out the daily quests. If you just do those you can get 20k+ each day, add a daily Trudy's spin and you'll have over a million np per month.

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