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My guild.....is a very, very, very fine guild


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I get annoyed easily and here's one of many things that annoys me on the neopets guild board.   There are a lot of good guilds advertising their lovely guilds and taking the time to bump their threads to the top of the page.  There's quite a few of them,  but still people keep posting threads "are there any active guilds out there?" or "looking for a guild' or 'guildless!!!!!1', or my favorite "recruit me!!".

Is this laziness? Narcissism? Idiocy in general?   I should probably just relax but my guild has put me in charge of recruitment and i'm just tired and annoyed with trying to convince ppl to join my guild.  don't make me chase you,  i just got my cast off and my leg hurts.  

ok,  done being annoyed for at least 5 minutes.  

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we're pretty active - weekends are laid back and less chatty.  the people are really nice and generous.  i can neomail you a link to check out if you're interested!  


i'm gonna add the name of my guild in here in case anyone want to join it.  it's called Epic Adults - find our thread on the neo guild boards and feel free to send a message if you want an invite.  or just join.  or don't.  it's ok.  i'm the worst recruiter ever.  

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