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Long-time TDN, first-time getting familiar with forums

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Hey there! I've been using TDN and JellyNeo for years and, after 17 years with Neopets account, I am finally getting on a kick of obtaining as many avatars as I can. And thus I just discovered the item and pet chains and want to work my interaction up to earning the opportunity to apply for pet chains, and even contribute to them if the lab ray pops me out something useful to pass on!

It'll take my a little bit to get used to the way the forum works, but hopefully I get the hang of it soon and can help answer questions or share tips I've learned over the years.

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Hi and welcome to TDN's forum! By participating you'll be able to apply in no time! There's plenty of nice people here. Good luck with your avatar hunting!

Also, feel free to ask if you have any questions, even seasoned players don't always know everything but as a community, most of the time, there is someone able to help.

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Welcome to the forums!

If you would like any information regarding pet chains, let me know. The alp site should be fairly self explanatory, but just in case, you know who to ask. When you apply, if you could kindly send me a message to ensure I've received your request, I'd appreciate it. I sometimes forget to check in on the ALP pet lends with my crazy busy life these days. A little nudge will make sure you don't get missed. :D

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