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Happy Ixi Day!

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Ooh, Burlap! They have not disappointed once with this colour so far, and continue their impressive streak with the Ixi. I like how the button eyes look disproportionate, and just the overall patched up, scruffy look of the pet. It has the good mix of looking cute and creepy. :P The stripy pattern on the nose makes it look like a shell, does anyone else see that?

The outfit is good, though they did not choose a good base colour to show it on, lol. I love that the horns are poking up from underneath the wig - I know some Ixi fans have mentioned it before that it bothers them that the horns are always covered by wigs. In this case, the wig itself looks very flat, I thought it was a hat at first glance (like a sixpence) but then I saw that it was hair.. The glasses are way too big and I don`t like the coloured lenses. But I loove, love LOVE that the shirt and jacket are TWO separate items, THANK YOU TNT!! I don`t think they match so well with the trousers, but that`s what customization is for. 😉 Always nice to see some generic male clothing.

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