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It's that time of year again my fellow Darklings, the Darigan Citadel support thread is back for 2021.


If you're supporting or willing to support Team Darigan Citadel this year, look no further. We have yet to rank lower than 9th place in our 15 year career, and we did a great job at maintaining that in last year's Altador Cup with a 4th place victory. I'd like to congratulate anyone who helped us maintain our tradition of not getting lower than 9th place, you know who you are! If you have any contributions to Team Darigan Citadel or any wicked Darigan Citadel customizations to your pet(s) whipped up for the occasion among other DC-related things, feel free to share them!

Despite the new Flash-free environment for this year's AC which will take some getting used to, I'll be giving it my all this year to keep DC within the single digit rankings. I've been practicing my Yooyuball and side-game skills for the past day or two and continue to do so all in preparation for the big event on June 7th.

Despite being dormant here for several years before last year's AC, I've been with the Citadel for a decade now and plan to be remain loyal to the Darigans for the foreseeable future. Who's with me on supporting Team Darigan Citadel this year?

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You're looking very lonely over here so I thought I'd pop by to say Good Luck! May the force be with you and the odds ever in your favour. Only not too much as I swapped teams and am backing Moltara this year!

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Late, but thanks for wishing us good luck Secre.

After a bit over a decade, Team Darigan Citadel managed to snag 3rd place on the podium for a second time this year. I'd like to say thanks to every fellow Darigan Darkling here at TDN (and those outside of TDN) for getting us to a podium finish.

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