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Name, Place, Animal and Thing

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This is one of my favorite word games.

I guess all of you know this game but I'll explain anyway.

You just have to say the name, place, animal and thing(noun) for the starting letter. If a person starts with A the next person starts with B and so on.


The letters O, Q, U, V, W, X, Y and Z are excluded. Names, places, animals or things for those letters are kinda hard to find and mostly uncommon.


OK, I'll start-



Name- Ariadne

Place- Argentina

Animal- Aardvark

Thing- Apple

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Name: Gilbert

Place: Greenland

Animal: Giraffe

Thing: Garlic

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Name: Iggy

Place: Italy

Animal: Iguana

Thing: Icicle

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Name: Eldridge

Place: Erie, PA

Animal: Eagle

Thing: Eyeball

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