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questions to igneot....

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if you ask "lava paint brush"


he says "it has been forseen"




if you ask "will there be a plot store"


the answer is "This is hard to read, however it seems unlikely."



if you ask "what is maltara"


the answer is "It is as clear as the day."


post your random questions and see what what we can find out.

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From what I read on the Neoboards, answers are random.



This is hard to read, however it seems unlikely.

The fire is dimming and so is the chance of this.

The coals burn brightly in favour of this.

The solution lies in your hands.

The darkness is here and will not be overcome.

The coals become colder, but there is a chance...

The fires say it will be so.

The ashes blow away like your chances.

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Hey if you type in "How do I get a Magma Pet?", he says "Arr, im too sleepy!" :)


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