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  1. Got some nice new pictures of her, finally.
  2. Haha thanks for all the compliments. I need to get some updated pictures because her face has changed a lot since I took the ones I posted. And yeah she's a pillow thief but it's a good way to bond with all of us, too. And since we finally live in a single floor house with no steps at all I can let her out. :D We had a Dane before but she kept getting into fights and stuff with our oldest but it seems like it won't be an issue with Ella. She comes from really tall parents, though, so it'll be interesting to see how big she gets. Clicker training doesn't work to stop a behavior. Clicker training is more for doing tricks and calling them to you if you can't whistle/yell for whatever reason. It's more suggested that you use a water bottle. It will startle them enough (usually) to get them to stop. But if the dog likes water or gets used to it, it won't work anymore. What you have to do is not yell at them. Yelling at them translates as praise sometimes. Especially if you just yell 'no'. The best thing is to use your regular tone of voice and tell them that you heard them or to gently tell them to stop. Eventually they will get the picture in most cases. You can also put yourself in their line of sight and look where they're looking so they feel like you're paying attention to their 'warning'.
  3. Hey all, long time no talk. Been busy. Got a new puppy, a Great Dane. Her name is Ella, full name Eleanor Digby (a pun on Eleanor Rigby). She is only two and a half months old by now, born June 8th or so. Since dad works, it's me and mum taking care of her. Here she is: (there's my mum lol)
  4. I got concerned for a bit because the site wouldn't load then come to find from this thread it's under maintenance but there was no message up about it. lol
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