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Krawk Island wins the Cup!

Guest Krawk Islander

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i think Dasher is going to retire last cup he said he was going to retire but he didnt because he didnt win the cup his goal was just for Krawk Island to win the Cup and in Altador Cup 4 he Achieved his goal so now that ol Dasher Soley is going to retire :crying_blow: but there might be another Krawk in the team i mean whats Krawk Island without a Krawk and now that were free from the Curse go Roo Island for the Cup!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

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I congratulate Krawk Island for winning but the final results just utterly failed to entertain/suprise me.

Two of the top 3 teams reached the top 3 last year.


I'm even more worried about the idiots on the team who'll go bashing now.

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I think that Darigan Citadel will be back in at least the top 5 because if you are a powerhouse team like they are, you won't remain bad forever. I am a proud Darigan and think that we will land a surprising 3rd spot in Altador Cup V. I don't get that everybody counts us out just because we won the Altador Cup II. I support the "Cursed "Cup," but I think that the Darigan team will reunite and train hard to get in 3rd. :king:


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