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Krawk Island wins the Cup!

Guest Krawk Islander

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Guest Krawk Islander

Update: We now have the legendary theme song "We Are The Champions" for Krawk Island up for download, which have the right to it's "title" at least until the next edition of the Altador Cup. You can grab it here! We note that this is for entertainment/parody uses only. Enjoy!


Funny Update: TNT have released the news confirming KI's win, but in the image below you can see something wrong if you look very closely. It seems Brightvale actually played this year instead of Kiko Lake, and Kreludor's position was shifted. This can only mean one thing...Dasher stole RI's Cup! I guess that's a true pirate through and through, huh? :laughingsmiley:




After quite a while of anxious waiting, the results are finally in. Krawk Island has won this year's Altador Cup! Here is our final report, with all detailed matches:




"34 days. It's rather hard to imagine when you think about it, but only 34 days ago, 16 teams from 16 different Neopian worlds charged headlong into the Altador Cup, all full of dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations. Over the course of those 34 days, we've seen many of those dreams smashed, hopes crushed, goals lost, and aspirations left to diffuse with the wind. But that's not why we're all here today, frantically refreshing the confusing mass of curves and boxes that is TNT's finals page. There's only reason every single fan from every single team in this year's Altador Cup would be headed to one place: we all want to see, with our own eyes, what our teams have achieved in this most unpredictable of seasons. So, it is my utmost pleasure to announce to you all the final results for the fourth Altador Cup!


We'll begin with bracket 4, home of the often ridiculed, but no less spirited (and often far more sporting) underdog teams. First up, Team Altador tangled with Team Faerieland in what's generally seen as a desperate clash to avoid that dreaded 16th place. The Gladiators managed to walk away with this one, pulling their superior track record and home team advantage together to achieve a victory in that all-important staple, Yooyuball. Overall however, 15th is something of a disappointing result for a team that boasts more total experience than any other. Despite this, many fans are still hopeful for their team, although one jokingly remarked that a thousand-year layoff might just take the same period of time to recover from.


Away from all the glitz and glory, Kakoni Worrill, captain of the unfortunate last-placed contenders, was keeping it upbeat in the obligatory post-finals press conference.


Well, let me put it this way: when you win, what do you get? Stuck on a podium for five and a half hours while hordes of fans demand autographs. On the other hand, when you lose, you gain more than just adoration. You learn valuable lessons. You can step back, look at the footage, and figure out exactly where, how, and why you went wrong. And at the end of the day, you can come back faster, stronger, and smarter than ever before. We may be down, but don't count us out just yet!


And towering terrifically over the rest of group 4, you can see the Terror Mountain Chillers, who concluded an intense two-day battle with the Kiko Lakers left high and dry on their icy slopes. While their ranking may be slipping overall, innovation is the Chillers' byword, and they will definitely be mixing their accumulated experience with brand new, outlandish strategies in the years to come.


And for the Kiko Lakers, 14th place isn't too bad a rank to end up in. Underdogs they may be, but they're underdogs with an unquenchable fighting spirit, ones who have never given up and will never give up. And that's what makes these teams so interesting to watch.


Moving up a bracket, Team Meridell's Knights made a fine display of their tactical excellence (and shiny armor) when they beat Team Virtupets to secure 11th place. Now, 11th place may be a rather disappointing result for the Knights (seeing as they had the potential to reach tier 1), but it does seem like the perfect position from which a dark horse could prepare its advances, and that has some analysts wondering... Across the field, the Robots played with the same fiery determination we've seen from them throughout the season, but it just wasn't enough for them to take the match. Let's not forget, however, that ranking 12th means Virtupets is still maintaining a steady rate of improvement, something of no small significance if you're thinking a few years ahead.


A respectable 9th place was up for grabs in the fracas between the teams from the Haunted Woods and Roo Island, and the Roos rose decisively to the occasion and grabbed it. The so-called 'Curse of the Cup' may have dragged the islanders down the leaderboard, but they pack a punch where and when it's called for, and a victory against the Haunted Woods, former champions and powerful contenders on all fronts, is not to be scoffed at.


Krell Vitor, captain of the 10th-ranked team, was certainly not scoffing at a chance to improve: records indicate that the intrepid leader has booked Altador's entire Colosseum for two months in advance to facilitate further off-season training for the Zombies.


The Darigan Citadel and the Tyrannian Fossils: two teams that have been performing beyond all expectations this season, firmly gripping spots in bracket 2. In this match however, the Darigans' powerhouse status paid off, and the Fossils were simply unable to withstand their full firepower in Yooyuball. The two teams settled their differences over some flavorsome prehistoric slushies afterward, so (for once) there's no need to worry too much about the riots.


Meeting head-on for a coveted position in the top 5 were Maraqua and Mystery Island (incidentally, this was the only finals match-up where both teams shared the same first letter). Long story short: the ocean swallowed the Natives in one unstoppable wave. Both teams have improved dramatically however, and in the words of one Maraquan supporter: "We're ready to rock!"


And last, but not least, we have the matches all the way up in group 1, where much of the Cup's glory and glamor awaits.


The battle between the potent Lost Desert Mummies and the mighty Team Kreludor ended in something of a repeat of their last encounter. Kreludor's defense fell to a relentless, well laid-out attack strategy on the part of the Mummies, and while the moon-dwellers were hardly short of goals themselves (their attack strategy has always been relentless and well laid-out), they were eventually outperformed. When prompted for his thoughts, one Lost Desert supporter remarked:


It's a big surprise! I wasn't expecting us to win. 3rd two years in a row isn't as bad as people make it out to be, at least we're not 4th!


Characteristically, no mention of any sort of solar death ray at all...


And after the long awaited result of the final match-up, barrels of grog and grilled steaks are available here at the Pirate Ship as the Krawks celebrate their victory. Ever since the Pirates managed to grab a victory over the Lost Desert in the semi-finals, their momentum has just kept building. They never lost to Shenkuu this year, and when the finals came the Pirates prevailed again, storming through Shenkuu's well-organized defense with their own offensive strategies, vetted by many years of play and perfected by months of training. Despite Shenkuu's precise, inescapable scoring, Dasher and his crew's superior ball control gave them control of the game, earning Krawk Island the right to be called the champions of the fourth annual Altador Cup! Congratulations to the Pirates!


So, now that the Altador Cup is over, supporters can finally take a rest and wait for the prizes to be released. And what then? What is there to do now that all our dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations for the season have either been fulfilled or laid to rest? Well, no matter whether our teams ranked 1st or 16th, no matter whether we're beginners, All-Stars, or Legendary Nutcases, when all is said and done, we have plenty to celebrate. That's because, when it comes down to it, the Altador Cup isn't so much about the prizes, the prestige, or even the learning and experience. The Altador Cup is about fun, sportsmanship, teamwork, and (of course) a chance for revenge in approximately 330 days. Ask any coach or team captain - from here right up to the middle of 2010, it'll be AC V all the way!


All in all, it's been a hectic 34 days of coverage here at TDN, but it's been an honor (and also great fun) to bring it to you all. On behalf of HBK, BlackJaguar, Izzy, Madison, Xepha and the whole team, I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to drop by - your support has been immeasurable! Hopefully we'll see each other again next year, but for now, take care and peace out! This is AA, reporting for The Daily Neopets, signing off."


And now...WE PARTEH! *hands you grog and cookies*

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Krawk Island FTW!!!


People are already saying we'll be cursed next year :P

And people are saying the Cup is rigged, Krawk can't win one battle:




and since we won it's: THE CUP IS SO RIGGED NOT COOL KRAWK STINKS!!!

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So I guess the age-old question has finally been answered: in a Pirates vs. Ninjas battle, the Pirates win...


Congrats to all teams. It's been wonderful competing with you all. It was certainly a very tough tournament, playing against some very tough teams, but it was all well worth it.


I can't wait until next year. I'm going to try and reach my goal of level 16, which I didn't achieve this year (I kind of missed it by... 10 levels...). Now to wait for the prizes eh?


Great job Pirates! We Krawked 'em! *munches on the cookies and drinks some grog*

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Ah, the Pirates FINALLY won, I'm very happy for them though I prefered Shenkuu to win. Oh Maraqua, you came 5th! All our hard wotk in YYB PAYED OFF!!! I'm estactic :D Also congrats Terror Mountain for your win but I didn't want Faerie Land to come last :( Great Job Eveeryone, this as been a great year and what a lovely ending, thank you TDN for your wonderful Daily Reports. See you for ACIV people :yes:!


Oh and to all those conpiricers, HA! it was NOT rigged! In fact, if I'm currect, the idea was the wrong way round, the ones on the RIGHT WON!!!

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the way i see it is, we all fought hard, but ill bet shenuku took too much time in yooyu ball which didnt allow for sides. so i was playing all i could of the side games to increase these odds in my times favor i noticed that if shenuku is going up that much in yooyu ball there had to be a weak point and thats the deduction i came up with.


^.^ anywhoo good job to everyone this year. and especially good job to the top three shenuku and lost desert for makeing the top three.

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Phew... for 4 long years we Pirates have been waiting for glory. Grueling years in the Final Four without any trophy is now long forgotten and replaced by happiness and celebration. Congratulations all the other teams who placed well in this year and good luck next year. Krawk Island is breaking the Cup curse....

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Great job KI :). But we shall win next year! :D


Congrats to Lost Desert for coming 3rd! (and breaking the pattern, haha)


This cup was so much crazier than last year, lol.


All the teams have done great this year and deserve recognition. *clap*


Thanks so much, TDN, for bringing us the coverage! ^_^ You guys rock!

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We are the champions, my friends

And we'll keep on fighting, till the end

We are the champions, we are the champions

No time for losers

'Cause we are the champions, of the world

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Congratulations KI..i had a feeling you would win ;)

And congrats to all maraquans out there :woot: ..wow..5th place..unbelievable ..next year we'll do better.

I am curious though if KI will face the dreaded curse .If so, Shenkuu will probably win next year.

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Wow, a lot of people are lurking the forums and this topic:

47 User(s) are reading this topic (30 Guests and 2 Anonymous Users)

15 Members



Congrats KI, anyway, you played well, and for us, well, there's always next year.


Nice job everyone! <3

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Congratulations all around! I was almost shocked that nothing was up when I got back from summer school, but 20 minutes later, lo and behold, LD has the third spot and I'll never hear the end of it from my sister who picked KI. But you guys deserve it. I'm so glad I came back to the forum to witness this insanity :)


Free round of rum for everyone!

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Congrats to KI, you guys did really great! b)


And OMG OMG OMG, Maraqua took the 5th place. Who would have imagined that after the first round? I'm quite excited about it!

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