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Found 3 results

  1. this is my Music of Choice for ACXII ... no shame lol .. 90s and early 2000's music keeps me entertained for hours .... i also sometimes play Seinfeld / Family Guy / Friends in the background what's your favorite music / tv during the AC ?
  2. 75 Interesting Facts About the Altador Cup Maybe I'm insane for doing this much research or a hero for digging up this much info, who knows!? You decide! Below are 75 facts from silly things to pretty cool things to know about the Altador Cup. Enjoy my hard-core-no-sleep-need-coffee research. Maybe you'll even learn something new. They're are 55 different species of Neopets and all but one of them are featured among the players in the AC teams; Vandagyre. Out of the 18 Teams only 5 of them feature a female captain; Derlyn Fonnet-Kreludor, Mirsha Grelink-Shenkuu, Prytariel-Terror Mountain, Loryche-Tyrannia, and Keetra Deile-Virtupets Space Station. Faerieland and Moltara are the only two teams that have lost more than one AC. There are no all female teams in the AC. Faerieland, Shenkuu, and Krawk Island, are the closest to an all female roster with 3 females on each team. Haunted Woods, Altador, Maraqua, Mystery Island, and Kiko Lake are the only teams to feature an all male roster. The first AC in 2006 did not feature the teams Shenkuu and Moltara as the lands were not discovered yet. During the 1st AC teams competed against each other in 4 Knock-Out rounds, with each round having a team being completely knocked out of the competition; once knocked out players had the ability to join a team still in the competition if they so choose. In 2008 Yooyuball was remade to give each player on the field a unique appearance. Valtonous Rea, the Faerieland goalkeeper's name was originally Valtonia Rea, till her name and gender was changed for no clear reason. Her gender was then changed backed to female, but retained her new name. During the 1st AC players who choose Haunted Woods and Darigan Citadel from the very beginning were rewarded bonus prizes; books about their teams. Kreludor is the only team in which a female is the captain of and all male roster. In 2007 Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise were introduced to the tournament for those who had a hard time with Yooyuball. Yooyus are known as the eleventh player in the game. During AC II Kreludor did not participant due to the teams gravity generator failing making it impossible for the team to train for the AC. The very first AC winner was Haunted Woods, who barely won to Darigan Citadel with a score of 2-1. AC III was the first cup to start later in June (June 19th). AC V was the second cup to feature a staff tournament in which 16 staff members competed in a knock-out tournament. The Staff Tournament has been present in 2006 and again in 2010. From 2011-2016 TNT has done it annually. Even though Kreludor is famous for purple and orange Grundos, there is an orange and blue Grundo and no purple. Darigan Citadel, Faerieland, Krawk Island, Lost Desert, and Mystery Island are the only teams in which the whole roster is painted the same color. The list of Yooyu's not included in the cup are as follows; Green Yooyu, Christmas Yooyu, Tyrannian Yooyu, Yellow Yooyu, Red Yooyu, and Blue Yooyu AC V introduced team Moltara and was the first AC to feature all 18 teams. AC II started the rewards upon picking a team that were themed around your choice. After making a goal or getting scored on you can press any key twice or click rabidly with you mouse to skip through the cutscenes and automatically take 8 seconds off the clock. The most expensive Yooyu item is the Yooyuball Player Sling last seen going for 10m NP 4 years from it's release date in 2006. The cheapest Yooyu Item is the Yooyuball Sticker valued at 6 NP During the AC IV players were rewarded a Yooyuball Key Quest Token upon picking their teams. AC VI was the third cup to feature a Staff Tournament. The format was changed from the staff playing against each other to players being able to pick their dream teams and were rewarded points for how well their team did. AC V was the first cup to start in early May (May 27th). In 2010 TNT confirmed that the AC Avatar that was available in the prize shop in previous years was now retired and could no longer be purchased. During AC VII Altador and Faerieland tied for last place. AC III featured Kreludor once again, but Kiko Lake was unable to participant because they never made it to Altador due to a rock slide on their route. AC V rewarded players with loyalty rewards. Each prize being different with the number of years you participated. The first and only AC to feature achievements in which reaching each one rewarded specific items was AC V. Loyalty rewards returned during the 6th AC and for those who had played the previous 5 cups were rewarded with the Yooyu Garden Pond. The Altador Colosseum Stamp goes for 9.5m as of Feb 2016, that's 10 years after it's release date! Due to the absence of Kiko Lake in AC III TNT added a Kiko to Lost Desert's Roster, Lamelle Turow. The most common Neopet in AC is the Grundo, being represented in the teams Krawk Island, Kreludor (with 2 Grundos), Shenkuu and Virtupets Space Station. AC VI changed the mouse-based system of Yooyuball to be strictly keyboard based. The 7th AC was the first cup to introduce the bracket system. The cheapest Yooyu that can be purchased is the Christmas Yooyu valued at 1,100 NP and the most expensive one is the Tyrannian Yooyu valued at 6m NP. AC VII was the shortest cup ranging from June 1st-June 26th. In AC II Mystery Island had to implement a mid-season roster change due to a player being injured. Maital Koric, an Island Techo was replaced with Vela Binal, an Island Lenny. AC IV saw the introduction of Shootout Showdown and the NC Challenges. During AC III Meridell lost their team captain due to retirement and “Wizard” Windelle took over as Captain. AC IV brought back Kiko Lake, but sat out Brightvale due to King Hagan banning them until the kingdom's study habits improved. The teams that have competed in every single AC are as follows; Altador, Darigan Citadel, Faerieland, Terror Mountain, Haunted Woods, Roo Island, Mystery Island, Krawk Island, Lost Desert, Maraqua, and Meridell. In 2006 an Avatar was introduced and retired for guessing correctly during the Staff Tournament. 2016 was the first year that Faerieland moved up the ranks higher than 13. Haunted Woods is the only team that has won more than one AC. In 2011-2013 the caps for each game were as follows; YYB-300, SOSD-1201, MSN-1201, and SS-601. (That's a lot of Slushies to sling) AC VII re-introduced the mouse-based variation in Yooyuball giving the players the choice between keyboard or mouse play. The caps for each game were lowered in 2014 and 2015 to; YYB-68, SOSD-762, SS-139, and MSN-762. Zo Junior of Haunter Woods held the position of Top Goal Scorer for the longest time. Tobias Sigmar, the Disco Ixi announcer was motivated to become sportscaster after an event at a Gormball game that his father took him to as a child. The AC was made possible after Altador rejoined Neopia because of the defeat of the Darkest Faerie, making them able to share Yooyuball with everyone. In 2011 to max-out YYB each day it would take a total of 15 hours each day, not adding or subtracting animation time. To reach 601 games of SS one needs to play close to 40 hours, assuming you played around 4 minutes a game. The only teams actually featuring a Yooyuball in the background freebies for 2016 are Brightvale, Faerieland, Kiko Lake, Lost Desert, Maraqua and Terror Mountain. During AC VIII the total amount of days for each round was shortened from 6 to 5 days. During the AC 7 bracket standings were NOT based on daily results Lost Deserts team colors were originally yellow and purple. The most selfish player during the first AC was Elon “The Black Hole” Hughlis of Maraqua due to never passing to his teammates. There was only one rest day during AC VII, June 25th AC VI changed the NC challenges into a VIP pass system instead. AC VII was the first cup to have tiebreakers. They were to decide 2nd/3rd place. The Jelly world practice team did not consist of any Chia's during AC II, instead in consisted of a Kau, Kougra, Blumaroo, Techo and Usul all painted Jelly. In 2006 and 2007 Layton Vickles of Darigan Citadel was nominated MVP, they were also given the role of captain in 2007. In 2016 the amount of points needed to reach each rank was lowered, making All-Star a more realistic goal. Caps were again lowered in 2016 to; YYB-46, SOSD-401, SS-86, and MSN-401 Horvi, the Grarrl announcer started his career with Tobias, the Disco Ixi, when he came up to him in rags asking for a NP to see the game. Tobias then in turn took him into the announcer's box seat and their relationship grew ever since. The trophies from AC I are not clickable, making it impossible for you to prove what team you were on. The only teams that can prove this are Darigan Citadel and Haunted Woods as their trophies were different than the normal participation medal. Roo Island fell farther the year after their win then any other team has after winning an AC the year before. Tyrannia was the only team to get the same place for three years in a row. During AC I, II, III From 2006-2010 Lost desert was the only team that never placed worse than they did the year before. AC VIII was the first to introduce 5 rounds instead of 4 During Yooyuball, if you refresh with at least 1 points (or an amount higher than the other team) you will end the game in a draw. What did you know? What didn't you know? Anything stick out as pretty neat? Hope you're all enjoying the AC! Good luck continuing your gaming!
  3. HAUNTED WOODS!!! Welcome too the 2015/AC X Haunted Woods support thread! Here you can talk about how our team is doing or various things about the AC. You can also post your daily goals or your rank progress. Here we ghouls, ghosts, spooks, zombies and monsters can show our support for our favorite spooky team! There are only a few rules to follow when posting here though! 1. All TDN Forum rules apply here. 2. Anyone from any team can post here. 3. Have fun! 4. Don't eat the other teams or fans brains. GO HAUNTIES!
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