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Found 3 results

  1. LOL A semi-obligatory Team Maraqua thread! As usual, I'm once again playing for Maraqua. It's a bit ODD not seeing our Forward closer to the top of the Top Scorers rankings, but I suppose every neopet has their off-years. I have a few thoughts on the current version of Yooyuball. I'm not sold on the physics of this HTML5 friendly version of the game. While the change in timing seems to prevent high scores of 13+ goals that I usually enjoyed in the years prior to the end of Flash, (So much for my dream of hitting 18 goals in one game one day), the games DO seem to go faster. They kept the automatic time-shaving of 8 seconds off the clock it seems, after each goal. But now the game clock begins to countdown before you can even move toward the yooyu at the beginning of each round. The A.I. goalies SEEM to be smarter, though my goalie scored SEVERAL times on his own, in OUR net, before I could even start to control him. That's something that's gotta be hopefully one-day fixed! The stealing is okish, though hurling the yooyu at full charge seems to lack consistency in visual speed. And even with the Enlarging Power-up and Speed-up Power-ups together, with a Fire Yooyu, the opposing team Goalie can still pluck it out of the air pretty easily. Seems different from the old days. Ah well, I did 30 games in under 2 hours, that's a MUCH faster rate than the flash-version. Which means I should be able to at least get more games in. My scores are lower than I would've liked. Only had about 7 games of 10 or more goals, my first game being 11, so I had hopes for more 10+ games. lol Oh well, most of my games were 7-9 goals with a few lower due to Darigan Yooyus. TBH I preferred the last Flash version for Yooyu selection too. Normal Yooyu - Random Special Yooyu - Normal Yooyu - Random Special Yooyu - etc. At least you couldn't get a darigan as the first yooyu so you'd have a chance to get the first point before the risk of getting a darigan. This is more like the original YYB game when the AC first started, where it could be ANY yooyu for ANY round. Anyway, at least there aren't any major graphics glitches, so far. Though if they fix the ricochet physics a little, I'd be happy with the game. lol Go Maraqua!
  2. Everybody chant, "Ma-Ra-Qua!" "Ma-Ra-Qua!" "Ma-Ra-Qua!" "Ma-Ra-Qua!" "Ma-Ra-Qua!" LOL Good luck to all the teams! Hopefully we'll all have good and fair matches this year! That being said, I'm still supporting Maraqua for the WIN! ;D
  3. So, who's joining Maraqua this year? And if you're a repeat player, how long have you been playing for Maraqua? I've only played for Maraqua for 9 ACs, I've only played 9 ACs. lol The first two, and then started back up in 2012 to now. I'm looking forward to playing more YYB and seeing if I can do a 3-peat for scoring. If I can score 17 goals in one game this year, it will be the 3rd AC in a row I've gotten a score of 17, 5th year in total. A real shame our goals don't do much except maybe advance goals per game averages of our front man Elon. lol My ideal goal would be to manage 18 goals in a game. I believe that would be a "Perfect Game" score. But, I doubt I can do that. Scoring would have to be perfect for EACH possession, and I always mess up either in the first or 3rd minute of play. lol Well, either I mess up or the opponent gets a lucky steal or shot in. lol XD So mainly I play to improve my scoring in YYB and my Goal per Game average. I'd LOVE it if Maraqua won the cup in a year I was playing. I've only reached All-Star ranking once. It's crazy how many games of YYB you gotta play, and now that off-days don't count, at least they didn't last year, toward your personal stats, I might not get back to all-star. lol I prefer playing with the keyboard, going from Right to Left, 1:3 formation, and our goalie could use some more training! LOL It's possible for the goalie to score a goal, but those don't count on the goal counter of your stats, and it's possible to score in 1 second instead of the usual 2, by getting a Fire Yooyu with the Enlargement Power-up. So that's a VERY RARE happening. BTW that's the same Yooyu/Item combo you need to score a goal with the goalie. Anyway, that's a bit about my AC history and some of the tricks I know. How about you guys?
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