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  1. I've been giving rare stuff away? Oh no
  2. She didn't spend time with her, She left and didn't return until 7:30 am.
  3. She's going with someone whom has a little girl around my niece's age. Today she's suppose to be spending time with my niece all day today, Social worker says once a week should be all day Kayla Day. No one is gonna say anything to see if she remembers and if not my niece will remember.
  4. She already gave up her rights, she isn't even allowed to pick her up from school because we know she would snatch her away. And we tried getting her drug tested and such but everytime they "scheduled" to come is when she hasn't taken anything. And I agree with you 100% most of my family does agree but- Kayla loves her Mother so it's hard to see her being "replaced". We're hoping she'll move out fully soon. I think it's the best for Kayla. Having to lose one parent that did care for her for a parent that will move on to the next guy to leech off of. My family did everything for her and helped with everything she needed but Terri stabbed them in the back; See I trusted her before and defended her from my mother, that is until she broke my trust by snatching Kayla the first time. She is stuck in the highschool phase. I'm turning 23 and she is only a couple years older than me, It's sad that I act more mature than her. Her sister is worse than her, Her sister also guy hops, gets engaged leaves the guy and repeats. She left a stable home from a guy whom even said she could just stay there until she gets on her feet. She got pregnant because Terri did. I agree that she is trash. She cries for attention, She says she will kill herself then next minute she's all fine when she didn't get the attention. See, I struggle with severe depression and I've never said what I wanted to do out loud, I also after years admit I had a problem with depression; I got help. She spreads stuff about my mother . My mother is far from the nicest person, That Irish blood in us and her being a hot headed redhead- well she tells it like it is. And she's told Terri so many times that she needs to stay with her daughter. Only thing stopping us for kicking her out fully is no place to live, Which I' myself, would do anyways cause I don't tolerate most people and more cold hearted than my mother. I also have more sympathy to certain things like animals and my niece. Heck, My one pair of grandparents took her in one time because they felt sorry and she stole from them and treated her dog bad without her knowing. I don't want my niece to have mental problems like I do, I had a crap ton of stuff happen to me in the past so where I will make sure on my life that nothing like that will ever come to harm her. My brother gave full parent rights to my mother because he knew my mother could do way better but it didn't stop him from being a father, He always spent money on Kayla while her mother spent it on a new piercing or a new tattoo. That stuff isn't cheap either. The least expensive tattoo I got was 80$ and it was a simple heart, another one was 120$ My piercings altogether would around200$? I got all of them on my birthdays instead of jsut spending to spend.
  5. She got kicked out because she said she didn't have a problem but kept making excuses for pains and such to get medicine. She was never there for Kayla even after she was born. My mother did it all, And Terri got jealous of my mother with kayla wanting her more than her own mother.
  6. She pops pills and shes a hypochondriac and goes to the hospital for the littlest things, Where I haven'y gone to the doctors even though I might have ovarian cancer because I want to make sure my niece is safe and everything is okay. She gets high all the time and gets people to take her to pick up her medicine. She takes a lot of medicine. And she needs mental help but she got kicked out of the program because she was abusing the medicine. I taught my niece about what her mother is taking is wrong and such and I'm making sure she doesn't do it. She understand that what her mother is doing is wrong. What she does on her phone is complain about my mother and talk to guys. She accidentally left facebook logged in on my MOTHER'S computer.
  7. She's spoken to other men while married, and while my brother was in jail. She's always done this but I didn't know that it would have gotten this bad. My brother maybe a piece of poo but he was a good father. The stress got to him because all she wanted to do was sleep and stay on her phone while he had to take care of his daughter and his brother, He blames himself for what happened to his brother. They both did heroin and my one brother got the worst, He went the wrong way to help his stress. I am not saying what he did was good but he should have dealt with stress in a more clean way. I tell my niece all the time that she's my Cakey Cup, Her name is Kayla. And I will always be there for her and I tell her no one is gonna replace her no matter what. She has to do counseling for when her father died. She was in the house at the time but I made sure no one saw anything, I protected her I even lied to her about it but she told me she knew and I apologized to her. She maybe only six but I treat her as I would anyone. My sister-in law's name is Terri, Terri had a REMOVED mother and father that left her to be with another family; Daughter Like Mother. When Terri gets money she doesn't spend it on Kayla's needs, only her own. She gotten a new tattoo when Kayla needs stuff. I mean I have tattoos of my own but I go for groceries and needs before wants, And I'm the youngest of my sibling inlaws and my own siblings. I feel like I have to do everything for everyone. I know I shouldn't an dmy mother tells me I shouldn't; but- Who will? I know what to do I know what needs to be done. I'm just glad my mother has custody over my niece or Terri would have ran off with her. I cherish my niece, I try to give her everything I can.My room is a safe haven for her. She feels safe in my room with me as well as she feels safe with my grandfather. She told me she was getting replaced, That made me choke up- but I never try especially infont of her, I don't want her to see that I'm upset I want her to see I'm happy to have her. Terri never helped out around the house, my mother had to do it all- Never cooked, cleaned, watch her kid; all she did was sleep and be on the phone. When ever I watch her I'm on my phone when I know she is fine and if she needs something I instantly get off my phone. My mother has to take care of my now mentally challenged and paralyzed brother. He can't do anything for himself, I mean he can pick up food and drink but he can't bathe himself or use the bathroom himself. I try my hardest to make everything better, I try to help out much as I am able to, I ever push myself with my mental illnesses to help my mother. I just want peace I want everything to be normal. Everyone happy and no drama no anxiety attacks, and no worry. This post has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not use curse words in your posts. These have been removed. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  8. So- My niece lost her father last May, after her birthday from heroin. That's a long and horrifying story I can get into. Her mother is a b word and the w word. Soon after he died on facebook she posted "What's the most obscure reason you're single?". She leaves all the time and stays gone for days and only comes home at night, We know she's been seeing another guy. . on the same month as his passing. Her daughter lives here where she stays and she hasn't been spending time with her daughter. She was with another family on Mother's Day and didn't see her daughter at all. My niece thinks she's getting replaced. She says Mommy has a new husband and I have a new daddy and he has a kid too. I don't know what to do or who to talk to this about. She is a horrible mother. When my niece was a year old, she ran off with her and she got abused by her mother's friend; She ran back once no one wanted to keep her, She was kicked out. there is other explicit content she does but I don't know if it's appropriate here. My niece is my baby, I will protect her no matter what. I've been with her since she was born and always made sure she was happy. She's the only child I bonded with. She is mine.
  9. I'm glad you got to spend time with your family.
  10. Happy Mother's Day everyone. I may not be a traditional mother but I do have a fur baby(A dog), and I consider him my son since I had him when he was three months old. He's now 3 years old. I've also given my mother earrings with her birthstone on it, I noticed she was looking into earrings but a specific type- Well I found some and got it for her.
  11. What I would suggest is doing pay pal. I use a wellsfargo bank.
  12. I haven't gotten that before, I gotten it on a non-related game site. Which bank do you have? if you want to answer.
  13. XY are amazing, Black and white not so much. Ultra Sun and Moon, I love them both
  14. I already have a Cybunny. She's super strong and a level 63
  15. Is there any way to get a pastel paint brush?
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