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  1. I did some more exploring and found players who are all-star gold rank as me but with Meridell, and I am viewing their trophy in the old design, therefore with your comments declaring the trophy changes once the cache is cleared, I opt not to since I prefer the old Design.
  2. Mine is still the 1st design but oddly in my case, the only trophy that hasn't changed to the plain trophy is of the gold Meridell trophy, but the rest all changed
  3. Hi, I must ask whether the total of the points towards the Brain Tree trophy can be only obtained from several completed quests because my score isn't increasing in the Brain tree hi-score, even after completing 2 brain tree quests or is it that the high-score must be obtained from one quests?
  4. Just wondering how many Kreludor Alatdor All-Star Veteran Players are within our ranks.
  5. Still trying Goparakko 6000pts and I am starting to think,I have better chances to let somebody who is used playing it, achieve it by temporarily letting him on my main account. And as thank you if everything goes well without any losses I'll send him/her an item worth about 2million for the trouble. However, chances that this will occur are nil.{The above is me being sarcastic} Tomorrow morning I'll try using another laptop with a different internet connection, maybe I'll have better luck.
  6. For those who are having trouble as I did, focus on eating the flowers and possible wasps that may come near you and once the flies are half way through start eating the 1st one that is red,best time when they hit a flower or wall,but be warned after eating the red fly three times in a row in less than 2seconds the flies will change direction. Finally the most important tip type deliciousflies BUT ONLY when you have ONLY 1 life left after you lost your second life,the game screen will ask you to click space but instead type DELICIOUSFLIES ,by doing so you will gain 3 extra lives instead of one and in theory, you shouldn't have any problems making it over 900pts.
  7. Do you know if SOTAC or ASG, are participating in 2018 or have they been disbanded? I remember they played the games correctly, however, I haven't seen any posts about them in the last years I played the Altador Cup.
  8. What are you guys doing to get 6000 in Goparakko I played on Hard and easy but never managed to jump 5k.I am using google chrome and I admit I go crazy when the game lags for 1to3seconds which makes me go nuts and click at random hoping to get a match. I aim in getting 2x3 if possible but when restricted with time or other I go for 2x2 and when I see a dynamite and multiplier I add them together for more points but as I already said I didn't go over 5k even after 5hrs playing it. I watched youtube vids but I didn't see any tricks I could implement to increase my score expect the one of making a bigger box disappear
  9. So after 3 months I won the Userlookup Contest but messed up and chances are I'll lose either one or both my accounts. I honestly didn't know that it wasn't allowed to gain Neopoints and trophies on my side account. I mostly used the nps I gained on the same account they were obtained from. If I am lucky Tnt might award me the UL trophy after I deactivate my side account,if not I'll be the first to have won it and disqualified due to my side account. If my main isn't frozen I already have other layouts ideas to use, but my heart aches because I really wanted my 1st UL trophy to be linked to my Draik theme, which I heard gave a nostalgic feeling to the 1k users who visited me on day one, when I was posted in the news. People talked about it off the neoboards and I really wish to find/read their posts but I didn't even find one. However, should you find or Know about them I humbly ask you to post a link here or send it via a private message, so I can either enjoy reading them or agree with their negative criticism. An acquaintance said they praised it but I believe in their heart they also laugh at me for making a link to my side with trophies.
  10. Every plot ends with the final Boss battle which is usually defeated by the majority of players who challenge the boss in the Battledome, with the exception of the Veterans who have overtrained their battle pets. Chances are we might see Xandra or something related to her,I only hope that the final Boss won't be defeated by the wraith Taelia potions otherwise we are in trouble. That said it seems we'll have an update regarding the plot this week, as it was stated on Facebook
  11. Sajjet

    Happy Uni Day!

    Hi guys,I must ask is Neopets down for mainentance, because I was unable to log on for the last 20mins?
  12. Hi there,for those who love the stock shares of Neopets,I got an odd question. Do you know if there is a guild that is into the stock market? There are some Battledome guilds with a decent amount of members but recently I am inclined to join a guild that keeps an eye on the Neopian stock shares, however, almost all the guilds I found were dead/abandoned. Therefore I ask if you might know of an active one. Thank you for your time & good day
  13. Hi guys, I have returned from my absence and kindly ask you to re-check my updated UserLookup. If you do kindly state if you see any discrepancies in my current layout, excluding the username title situated at the bottom partially hidden by 3trophies. I can't hide it without making the alignments go crazy. So far I have viewed the UserLookup via; Chrome on PC and mobile. Opera shows up an unexpected blue horizontal line, Firefox shows it goes way down beyond the last trophies when scrolling down[checking if I can adjust it to halt like Chrome]. Therefore I ask those reading this to detail possible errors you see when visiting my UL and which browser you are using so I'll attempt in fixing those little glitches if I can. http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=profs_isaac Thank you for your time
  14. I came here to see the art and I am starting to ask myself whether I should make an art request. Even if I did I can't decide between the possible images I could use on my pet lookups.
  15. They are good, you got a better artistic talent than me. Were they all drawn on paper then scanned or were they done via paint/paintshop pro?
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