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  1. Thanks guys. I'll replace the cord and pray^^'
  2. When I plugged my laptop in earlier, it charged for a second and then suddenly stopped (I had my computer at two different brightnesses for charging and not charging, so it was easy to tell what was happening). The computer was then completely unresponsive to the charger for a few minutes. I jiggled the cable around on all three ends, unplugged and plugged it back in a couple of times, it wasn't working. A few minutes later, I unplugged and plugged the charger yet again, and it's been charging like normal. Is this a sign that the ac port and/or the charger is starting to go? I really hope it's not the port, I know that requires a motherboard replacement to fix >< Edit: it's not charging like normal. It charges, but it's extremely touchy and stops if I move the computer the wrong way. Second edit: it's not charging at all anymore. I guess it's time to buy a new charger and pray ><
  3. Do different species of neopets get hungry at different rates? My Buzz always seems to be a bit hungrier than the others. I'm more than happy to feed her more, I'm just curious about how it works.
  4. Oh wow, that's so creepy! I think you definitely did the right thing. I'm glad it worked out in the end!
  5. I think the most important question is: do you actually like the way your pets look right now? If you do, I'd do what Nielo suggests and make a side account for them. If not, well, why are you keeping them the way they are? I personally think they look cool, especially the Shoyru, but they're not my pets.
  6. It wasn't on the windshield, it was on the window next to my head T_T When I got to school today one of the teachers took care if it, thank goodness. With his bare hands, no less o.O
  7. It was on the outside, thank goodness. The spider was there, though. It crawled out into the middle of the web as I was parked somewhere trying to find my way on the gps.
  8. So I have severe arachnophobia and had never driven alone before today. Both of those things became relevant when I notice, while I was driving on the road, that there was a spider web the size of my entire window on my window. I had no idea what to do. I somehow made it home, but I panicked and drove on the shoulder for a bit and grazed a parked car (everything was fine) and hit some curbs before I finally made it home. REALLY NOT THE BEST FIRST EXPERIENCE DRIVING BY MYSELF.
  9. I finally got that dang King Hagen avatar! Wooooooooohoo!
  10. My email password is the only thing I haven't been able to change :/ It's a school email, and there was some IT nonsense that was keeping me from changing it without an intervention from the school, but they never ended up resetting the password. I'll have to call again tomorrow and get on their case until they actually do it. I guess the good news is if I can't change the password, nobody else can, either. And it's not like any suspicious ip addresses have actually done anything in my account.
  11. The email address on an old amazon account of mine was changed earlier today. I called Amazon support and got it fixed (hopefully), I've changed my passwords on other sites, and I ran an antivirus scan that turned up nothing. So now I have no idea how this happened (I haven't opened any links in any emails) and what other information might be compromised. I'm so lost, is there anything else I need to be doing? And how could this have possibly happened?
  12. Does anyone have any good guided meditations to recommend? I'm trying to start up a new healthy habit. Preferably something short, definitely something without music. I need to use my own, I've discovered that I'm practically allergic to that slow, repetitive "meditation" music XD
  13. Oh, I'm sooooo ready My idea of paradise is eternal winter XD That thing with insulation is absolutely true, though. That's going to be a bit of an adjustment. I'm in the New York area, so it's a pretty even four seasons.
  14. Oh no, I'm so sorry :( I hope you get your account back soon. It sounds like someone may have been trying to hack you, so in a way it's good they stopped that. At least you know your pets are safe! Hang in there, you'll get to see your pets soon.
  15. You absolutely did the right thing. Thanks for the warning! Things like this are why I use adblock for some stuff >.>
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