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  1. No pro tips, as I'm struggling through trying to remember how to get places. The only thing I'm frustrated with is customization. I hardly ever customize, but I do tend to do something just before and after major holidays. I've mostly just taken items off and put simple things on (hoping that they stay, usually). But I wanted to shout out to jellysundae. I'm premium, but had the yellow defaulted down the sides. Because of your post I went into my settings and, voila, constellations is available. I like that so much better. Thank you jellysundae.
  2. http://www.neopets.com/~Yehoodi keeps track of Garet, Lefty, Phoenix, JK, and Lucy, and the links are readily available. I find Lefty's page (~innocent) to be very informative. She has tons of info, plus the clickable links to guides and 20+ other bettors. Although I've been following bets for years, I've never felt the desire to do my own AND I have no idea what they're talking about when they mention FC strings. But check out ~yehoodi.
  3. Thank you. Your link made it super easy to check my main first, then grab the avatar for my sides. Much appreciated :)
  4. I go about it differently than the above methods, with okay results. I play L to R. Therefore, I run into the bottom right corner full speed and shoot it into the corner. Over and over again. If a speed-up or bigger-net power-up shows, I grab it, then try the nose in the corner method. I do not use the power up on the darigan ball (well, I have, and made it in the other guy's net). Or I walk away from my computer for a minute or so and hope that someone made it during that time.
  5. I realize this would make the information 3rd party, but a post from another site seems relevant: "symbols such as @ and & will block the password from working. There might be others that also do that but those seem to be the ones that cause the most issues" This was supposedly from Alice W. on 11/16/2016.
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