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  1. The good news is TNT has stated that they are working on revamping the current rules and outlining more concrete rules. They haven't given us a timeframe as to when we can expect this update, but at least you're not alone in feeling like some of the rules need addressed and we know they're getting some attention!
  2. Thanks for posting @fiorellino ! So glad I saw it in time because after YEARS of trying this happened! You have awoken the great Turmaculus... AHHHHHH!!!! Turmaculus ate your petpet! BURP Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Turmaculus' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! NEW BATTLEDOME CHALLENGER!!! Turmaculus will be waiting for you in the BATTLEDOME!!! Hide your petpets!!!!!
  3. @Angeló use this link and it will show you your unread content :) When you look at the top of the homepage, there's a button that says "unread content" to the left of the Facebook/Twitter buttons.
  4. .Brianna.


    I don't fully follow what you're asking... You logged back into your old account and found a pet that you don't remember having but the name is correct? There used to be a Random Event that would turn your pet into a baby, but that has since been disabled. It wouldn't have changed the species though. I would change your password on the account just to be safe.
  5. I usually go for whatever is cheapest hahaha But I used to have a Faerie Cybunny and I loved the colors!
  6. Yep! You can definitely do this! All of my draiks/aishas have been morphed with pirate potions since they're cheaper now and then repainted :)
  7. I'm sure someone will submit a ticket (assuming the avid kadders haven't already). My bet would be that eventually that kad will just refresh during a normal refresh.
  8. Yeah. If you remove a petpet from a pet then your P3 does not return to your inventory it just disappears. They're intended to work this way - it's not a glitch. So if your petpet vanished then your P3 would have gone along with it. Sorry!
  9. Searching for 'bag of peanuts', matching 'Bag of Peanuts'... no items found. Sorry! You'll have to try the auctions or the TP. The prices on JN are helpful, but they're not always current.
  10. You are correct. You can have up to 4 side accounts to host pets on. You cannot do dailies, open a shop, or anything else that rewards NP there, but you can claim any NC freebies that pop up in the NC mall. I would suggest creating your side ASAP though. Accounts less than a week old cannot receive any pet transfers and accounts less than 4 months old can't receive any pets that are painted colors other than: blue, brown, checkered, glowing, green, invisible, orange, pink, purple, red, shadow, silver, skunk, speckled, split, white and yellow. They also can't receive pets level 3 or hi
  11. I've noticed that the dailies that "close" tend to change the time at ~1 week increments. So if Tombola is down from 7-8 it seems to be that way all week and then it will change. I think it's just how the programmers designed those dailies to work. Check later in the day or you should be back to normal next week ^_^
  12. User Lookup: funnylacie This account has been disabled. You'll want to create a side account if you don't have one already so that you can submit a help ticket. Be sure to include as much information as possible about your account to prove it is yours and hopefully TNT can help you out.
  13. .Brianna.


    I've PMed the appropriate moderator for you and let her know.
  14. The only reason I stopped zapping my pets was because I reached a point where I loved the colors I had and couldn't decide what I would sacrifice to continue zapping. I don't have room for any more pets and I don't want to create another side/move any of my pets so I'm just done. If you're not 100% committed to how he is now then I would say keep zapping ^_^ Especially if you've got a color in mind you think you may like more.
  15. Basically what Dawn said. Because we are considered an official fan site on Neopets, we do not want to encourage any activities that violate Neopets' policies so please do not list that as the Neopets account for both TDN accounts. I would definitely recommend that one of you create your own account or that both of you create new accounts and start fresh.
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