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  1. My God, Biscuit Quiggle, what kind of salts have you been smelling? o_O
  2. How convenient of them that, at this time of crisis and site decay, we're unable to cancel Premium. Glad I cancelled mine a month ago. *bitter*
  3. Oy, I knew that style was familiar! It DOES look exactly like a pixel adoptable. Except that, as you said it, pixel adoptables manage to be better made.
  4. So. I just HAD to come out of the shadows to say it. DAT. RAINBOW. BLU. Could you be anymore MS Paint, JumpStaff? Could you?! *dies*
  5. I think a roster change would be asking too much of JumpStaff... I mean, I'm still baffled they managed to bring the AC at all this year!
  6. Okay, it was in portuguese, but was it a Brazilian/Portuguese song? Do you know?
  7. I've been wondering the very same thing. I cancelled my Premium a few weeks ago, simply because I gave up on hoping the site would be as fun again. I guess Cybunny Day was the last drop for me. Anyway, I still have a few months of Premium, so I'm still covered, but I wonder how it will be once it's over. I'll probably miss the SSW the most, and the Charter Boards... But I haven't been using them anyway, so... Meh.
  8. Is that a figure of speech or... do you have a bun in the oven?! <3
  9. You're definitely not alone, Kai! I've been into colouring before this crazy trend started - it has always helped me relax. I have the Secret Garden book, but it indeed gets tiring, especially because there are so many plants you just get tired of using green shades! And I'm not the kind that is able to paint with """"unreal"""" colors, lol :P Most of the books I see here are also plant-related, so... Meh. You know what's also cool? Crafting your own colouring booklets. Sometimes I print a whole bunch of nice colouring pages from the internet, each one the size of half an A4 sheet, then cut them, out them together with string and make a nice cover with construction paper, and customize the cover. I don't know about you, but dealing and crafting with paper is also very relaxing to me. :)
  10. Came out of the shadows just to say: what a dreadful-looking sponge. Eurgh. I can't even. Argh. "If you have this paint brush sitting around your inventory, soak in the excitement of this special day by upgrading the look of your Neopet!" ----> Sponge Paint Brush? Good one, JS. -n I also LURV the fact that the link to Captain Threelegs takes us to the Rainbow Pool. JS *really* wants us to use that "paintbrush". You should check my user lookup :P
  11. So I found out about the podcast Welcome to Night Vale just a few days ago. I started listening without expecting much - I'm pretty skeptic about podcasts in general - but now I find myself strangely addicted... I'm listening to episode after episode, and Cecil's voice kind of hypnotizes me... All along with the background music. It's just so eerie. I wonder if there are WTNV fans/casual listeners out there? I still can't grasp the story or why I'm so drawn to it, so I'd love to hear more.
  12. Me too. Indeed, the details on the soup totally look like Paint :weird: That's so bizarre. Is that the new JS art? Or just very old TNT junk that JS has decied to use?
  13. Wow... What?! Hahaha now you're the one who's being unfair. I second all the other posters in this board. Maraquan, Mutant and Babies have an incredibly limited selection of clothes that fit, whereas "normal" coloured pets have gazillions of options. Just when TNT finally caters to the excluded pets' necessities, you call it unfair?! That's kinda crazy! :P
  14. The scores haven't been resetting for some months now. Probably one more glitch or lack of attention from Jumpstart, yes. It sucks, I know :/
  15. THESE! I just LOVED them!!! I feel so lucky not to have spent my last NC!!! Finally my Mara Cy will have something new to dress!!! I'm in love with the dress and the wig <3
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