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  1. So, a few days ago, a colleague of mine posted on FB about something "cute" that happened while she was picking her son from school. She said that, as she was picking her 6-year-old son João, a girl from his class came to her and said that João was always trying to kiss her. He then ran after her and, as usual, tried to kiss her. My colleague said she told him to ask the girl for a kiss instead of just trying to kiss her. He did so, but the girl still said no. She then said then told him to just blow the girl a kiss instead, and as they were walking back home, he kept complaining to her that the girl never lets him kiss her. My colleague then told him that he should just keep on asking the girl for a kiss, even if only one; to tell her that he'd be gentle and she'd like it. People commented on the post saying that kids are like that, and that the situation was oh-so-cute, etc. But I felt quite sick about it. Okay, so first of all, I'm a feminist, so I might be reading too much into it just because I'm so used to rotten stuff towards women. But in my opinion my colleague, as a mom, missed a perfect opportunity to teach her son about CONSENT. The little girl clearly didn't want to be kissed by him, ever, but instead of pointing that out to João and telling him he should respect that, the mom basically told him to insist, and tell the girl "she'd like it". I mean, seriously? In my opinion that just reeks of the "boys will be boys" fallacy. I think respect towards women, and especially CONSENT should be taught since the early age, and that could have been a golden moment that just got lost. What do you guys think? ps: here's a screen of the post, in case someone reads Portuguese (or even Spanish, for that matter). Names are blurred for privacy.
  2. First off, I'm not an American, so I never celebrated Thanksgiving. But as a former History student and having an interest in History in general, I've read quite a lot about it, and I understand there is a polemic regarding the Native Americans, who find it an insult since they've suffered the loss of lands, hunger and poverty in the hands of the same "White People" who celebrate this date. I'd like to know you guys' opinions, not only Americans but anyone interested in this subjects. If you're American, do you celebrate it? Regardless of nationality, what do you think of Thanksgiving as a celebration? Do you think it's a valid holiday or an example of hypocrisy?
  3. Ohai there! Now this is something that interests me a lot. When I was a teen, I was a fan of Finnish metal bands, and got to read a lot about Finland and Nordic countries. I remember being very surprised when finding out that, in those countries, and maybe in Europe as a whole, people don't have much physical contact with each other. Actually, in Nordic countries, almost not at all. For example, in those countries people only hug when they're very, very intimate. I also remember a soap opera character, again when I was a teen. Part of the story happened in the US and there was an American character, a teacher in a class for toddlers, who despised physical contact and would complain at kids holding hands, hugging etc. Okay, she was supposed to be a villain, but still :P What I want to know is: how intimate/frequent is physical contact in your country/culture? I'm from Brazil and here we greet people (even strangers) with pecks on the cheek (the amount varies: here in Rio it's 2 pecks, whereas in other cities it can be only one or even 3), hug a looooot and are very physically close almost all the time: friends (girls) hold hands, people touch each other during conversation, and so on. How is it in your country? :)
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