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  1. Im from the uk and here we do not have much physical contact at all, it varies of course in different social groups but if someone I knew very little or didnt know at all touched me I would be suprised and it would probably feel like they crossed a boundery that is not normal for me. If out having fun dancing in a club etc then people might be more likely to touch or hug if you are all having fun as a group but just in every day life NO it would seem odd and innapropriate. Perhaps youngsters are more physical but older people say over 20 are not
  2. well I thought I would pop back to check out neopets again, and Im shocked that it is still not really usable!! I tried to put my pet into training but all I get is the loading screen - I will keep trying its just such a shame
  3. I have gone with thieves .. having said that Im only going on to collect interest just now as its so slow but I will try to get my 10 battles in for those who need the avie. Feel bad for those still locked out if they do win though!
  4. As ever some extra communication from TNT would be so valuable right now, even if it was to say - today we are going to try to fix .... and at the end of the day tell us how it went, it would take minutes and reassure so many Im not bothering with the site just now and am getting used to being without it ..not a good thing for neopets, will not renew my subscription next time unless there are some new things added :sad02: Im not usually pesimistic but :sad01_anim:
  5. The site seems to be running fast for me today wizz wizz ... in fact faster than it did before the transition?! gasp if it keeps that up it will be so much better :D
  6. wow poor TNT this must all be quite a nightmare I just hope it doesnt lose them too many customers I am just going on to collect my interest and check that everything is ok for the moment, seems no point trying to use the site while it is in such a tricky state. Really hope they can sort it all out
  7. Using the battledome is amusing ... My neopet is just a tail no head arms legs body just a tail fighting lol I also get an error message when I try to battle saying that data is not recieved, not suprising that all these things are like this, it must have been a mammoth task changing it all over
  8. It seems a shame that there isnt an avatar that says I survived Twice! I didnt get the avie last time for some reason even though I was around, but I got it this time .. still think those who were around for both deserve to have something to say so, would just be a nice thing to do I think, it certainly isnt an easy time is it lol
  9. I am getting into Subeta and enjoying it much to my suprise. I am shopping this weekend and considering doing some decorating too ... pah who needs Neopets anyway ..... OK I give in I DO !!!!!!!!! :sad02:
  10. So we are all lost in the nothingness of no neo, lets talk about what we will do or get when it comes back What gifts avis or trophies etc to you think might be given out when neo comes back .. for losing time nc etc? Are you setting new goals for yourself? Are you switching to KeyQuest from Habi? or will KeyQuest vanish forever too? Or maybe you were bored with it anyway and this is your chance to back off from the game a bit?
  11. well I got up half asleep logged on to the computer and then sat here with my tea staring at the screen thinking ... just a minute..there are no dailies to do .. why did I log in when there is nothing to do? I need a new morning routine now ... sheesh this is too weird
  12. ARGGGGG it is real ,... it is really happening neopets is GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argggg everyone panic
  13. yep this whole thing is scarey stuff .. I might have to .... da da daaaaaaa ..... dramatic pause ..LEAVE THE HOUSE! :sad01_anim: :hmmph: Its too horrible to think about ... ok I give in .. well Im going to read that book that is actually dusty above my computer clean out my pond and and .... hmm? and check out other sites like neopets one of which I joined ages ago and cant remember the name of hmmmm????
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D I love it when someone gets something like this and is all excited ... Good for you woo hoo Do move them to somewhere safe like your SDB wont you
  15. I hold my breath just a little every morning when I load up neopets- and then I go to the news page to see if we have been given notice of it going off. Im going to be more nervous of logging on AFTER the downtime.. Im just scared in case something goes wrong and my account wont load or my password wont work or my pets are gone or their stats are wrong or ...... well yes I am a little worried lol
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