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  1. I dislike refreshing over and over again. But I've found counting how many times I refresh helps a tiny bit. Got the haiku generator one after 88 refreshes today (only started counting today, Mr. refuses to eat the cheese is at 300)
  2. I'm awful at this game, anything involving targets is not my forte. But I still managed to beat Chadley after about half an hour.
  3. I really don't like this game. Even on the lowest graphic setting, my computer still jitters and jolts with the graphics. Might be an Abigail day :/
  4. She gives strength, defense or speed. Unfortunately you've just been unlucky with her. But hey, you're set for 2 player battles.
  5. I now hold the little guy aptly named Fire_TDN, and I have no idea who I send him to.. If I did receive a neomail 2-3 days ago, I'm afraid I deleted it while mass deleting TNT messages. I'm sorry and wil try to do better..
  6. My anxiety really doesn't care if there isn't any actual reason to panic. And the better I'm doing (dream pets, harder avvies) the worse it gets. Thus I usually only aim for trophies at the start of the month, but I was bored and wanted another shiny for my profile. On the bright side, everything is back on my main.
  7. I got my score reviewed on Pterattack after playing for a few hours (several games) just to get a good score, and then didn't even get bronze. It wouldn't be so bad (Extreme Potato Counter seems to ALWAYS review my score) if it didn't bring on a panic attack that then had me move over 100 items over to my side account. I also made myself come to terms with possibly losing my Zombie Aisha and Grey Kyrii, only for TNT to send me an 'everything looks legit'. I wish I could draw so I could make that into a comic.
  8. *Winning Dance* I got Dice Escape to work!! Which is great because that's the one I can get through on the first try. *edit* Wow, no avvie gaining in a while? Well after I got Dice Escape's and Illusion's Glade, I also got Illusion Doll, Codestones! (thanks ALP), and The Order. Four more to go in the Obelisk set. This is the price you pay for switching your main.
  9. I have a small problem. I can't remember if I actually asked to be lent for the codestone avvie or not, so I've been waiting around a while. But it's been about two weeks. Should I wait a bit more or actually go ask? (I'm really leaning towards I only think I already did it)
  10. I finally got King Hagan to admit that my nonsense is actually genius. Thus makes 217 avatars this time around. Two more wheels to go, one more game, and Neoquest I & II. Then I'll start to focus more on battledome avvies. *four game ones. I forgot about the shockwave games. If anyone remembers how to make those work, I would love some help.
  11. I've been going for flash game avvies lately. I always worry about using up my score sends, so I only send when I hit the mark.
  12. One day I'll upload a new picture. Maybe..

  13. Sewage Surfer was a pain in the butt. But I got it! Evil Eliv Thade too, though I wanted to throw my laptop every time adobe crashed.
  14. I work at a coffee shop anywhere from 8am to 12am, so it was a bit hard to plan out visiting her every 12hrs. You don't have to do it so frequently, I just wanted to get it done quickly.
  15. Finally finished Jhudora's 20th quest. I forgot how complicated scheduling for that can be. Still not sure what I'll do for plushie tycoon.
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