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Tales of Dacardia

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I'm playing it now, just got my town to level 2. My main gripes that it feels that it holds my hand a bit more than I would like it to, one MAJOR plus I have for this game is that the pearly neggs can be earned by playing the microgames. If I remember this post, I'll give my further thought after I get deeper in


If a mod sees the double post, i wanted to say that i can't find the edit button. If you could reply on how to do so, that would be greatly appreciated.

I completed Chapter One and I do agree that it feels so short. Other problem I had with the game are:

1. Debris spots: I know a recent update allowed you to get pebbles, but they need to buff the respawn rate on those spots.

2. Pearly negg microgames: it feels nice that we can earn them playing the microgames. Unfortunately, I do feel it's a bit unfair that we have to five star the microgame to get the neggs.  I feel that they should make it so that 3 stars gets you half and 4 stars gets you 75 percent what you would earn.

3. The Lupe quest line: I hadn't figured out an exploit on how to cheese his questline, I would not have been able to complete it.

4. I feel like there should be a way that we can unlock the rest of the other neopets outside it being locked to future chapters 

5. Resources should able to be bought at the pearly store. It would help alleviate the wait off the resource spots (but it might kill the purpose of the debris spots🤔, but then again those resource spots are annoying as it is🤔🤔)

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I'd really want to play it but it's not in my playstore (yet). It's very possible it won't ever become available in my playstore due to legal reasons in my country. That or my phone is just too old. I'll have to check this weekend when I have time if I can find it on my tablet.

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