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Can't enable 2FA?


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My 2FA codes weren't working, so I used a one time code. Now I can't re-enable 2FA. I'm putting in the codes correctly, but it keeps saying they're invalid. I assume if I reset my cookies or something it might fix it, but I don't know where to start.

Edit: Tried synching my codes, didn't work. However, I've found out that it has to do with Neopets's internal clock being out of synch. Some are saying just put in a code around 15 seconds after it expires. I'll try that, but any other suggestions for the time being?

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JellyNeo has a post about it, it has to do with the fact that the time on the Neopets servers is out of sync. They stated that the workaround was to look at the number code provided by your one-time password app, note the time on your phone or computer, and then wait until the time on Neopets moves ahead by the amount of seconds and matches the time you started at on your computer before entering the code, basically entering the number codes from your 2FA app when Neopets catches up to the time when you viewed the code.

Edit: and I just saw your edit, lol, but they do have a good post about it.

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