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Question for experienced Art-Tablet users!

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So in June of 2020, I replaced my ancient wacom bamboo tablet with this one...


I really needed one WITH a screen. I'm more of a traditional media person when it comes to sketching, but sketchbooks ain't cheap, especially since the ones I've been getting for almost 20 years have been discontinued! So, enough back-story.

I run a PC with Windows 10 Pro, got plenty of RAM. It used to work just fine, then I went awhile without using it, until several months ago.

Since I like to study cartoons, anime, youtube vids, and have purchased a few lessons from Aaron Blaise's website. I wanted to get a second monitor. So, I did, but had to get an adapter (that has a built in program to get it to work properly for USB 3 to HDMI). Turns out I only had 1 HDMI port and a DVI port which I THOUGHT was HDMI when I bought this monitor... Whoops!

So, with the tablet on I have 3 monitors. At first, things ran VERY smoothly! The I started having issues with the pen/stylus of the tablet was behaving ODDLY. If I placed the tip on one area and moved it around. It was like the stylus was making contact at two DIFFERENT points simultaneously! Another oddity, is that as I moved the stylus around, the distance between the 2-contact points seemed to change, (when drawing) even though I only have 1 stylus. The distance ranged anywhere from 1cm to about 4 inches on the tablet's monitor.

ALSO, I was able to calibrate things to get it back in sync a couple of times. Though I did have some brief, additional trouble with calibration after I updated the tablet's driver. Which did finally settle down for a while. But, after the last time it "freaked". I wasn't able to. I was actually USING it at the time it lost calibration. I was using Clip Studio Paint, trying to get a contest entry done for their illustration contest. Didn't make it, even though I had switched to just using my mouse. Still had lines to draw and modify. Oh well!

Anyway, has anyone had this kind of experience before? If so, was there a solution or did you have to replace your art tablet? I'm REALLY hoping I don't have to replace this... It's not even a full 2 years old yet! 😞

It's been a couple of weeks since I last tried it. I guess I'm just concerned it won't recalibrate again and I'll have to replace it.... The confirmation of that would really stink! Especially since i can't afford to replace it right now. 😞

Anyway, thanks in advance for whatever advice you guys can give! If you've any questions, I'll do my best to answer them!

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