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Replacing broken neohome image on user lookup?

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I've seen code surrounding the ability to change things on your profile such as your shield, and I was wondering is there a known way to do this for the neohome image? Mine is broken, and I just want to replace it with a non broken version of what's supposed to be there.

Mine currently looks like this:


And I'd add this to it:


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I've never tinkered with the neohome module before, but you can give this a try. Play around with the height value though.

#userneohome a img {
	visibility: hidden;
	display: table-cell;
	height: 40px;

Remove the 'a' from the top row if the image doesn't link.

Then you have two options. One is to just insert an image and align it to that spot. The second option, which is probably your best option is to use it as a background image for your neohome module. I would take a screenshot, crop it nicely and add your image on top of the broken area. This way you get the size and positioning correct.

The code to insert a background for the module is:

#userinfo .contentModuleTable {
	background: url("IMAGE URL") no-repeat;

Let me know if the top code doesn't work.

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