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I have a few fun apps that I love to use! I am more than happy to share their titles with you guys! ^^


~ Zedge - A free app for fun free ringtones, alarms, wallpapers, and such. I have quite a few Legend of Zelda ringtones and alarms.  

~ Amino - A fun app where you can find communities of fandoms, hobby enthusiasts, gaming communities, etc! There's pretty much a community for everything! I love the self help/self care communities and contributing to the positivity they radiate. Of course I am part of quite a few gaming communities too! ^^

~ Habitica - It's a great RPG-style app for improving motivation and daily life. There are contests and challenges, and it has a habits tracker, a To Do's section, and so much more to find and have fun with! I recommend it highly! Especially if you want to encourage or discourage a habit, or get tasks done, or complete a contest or quest!

~ Kahoot - this is a cool app for making and taking quizzes/trivia. I recommend it just for giggles and fun.

~kawaiiNihongo - It's a cute highschool themed app for learning how to write in Kanji/Katakana and learn Japanese, whether you're starting from no knowledge or a bit skilled, it's a fun app and it's really cute how they designed it!

~ Busuu - It's another language learning app and I find it easy to use and fun to learn with. (Again, I'm learning to speak/write in Japanese.)

~ Sleep Sounds - Is a helpful app for winding down to sleep,  meditating, relaxing, etc. You can pick and choose different sounds/"white noise" and the volume of each sound you can choose. So if you wanted it to sound like camping, you can have a fireplace crackle, crickets, and light owl sounds. If you wanted a rainy day, there are lots of different kinds of rain. I find it very relaxing and calming and it helps me center my mind when I'm having anxiety problems. 

I really highly recommend Amino and Habitica. They're fun apps and can help with self care and in an entertaining way. Let me know if ya'll try and/or like any of the apps I shared! ^^

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