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Old Battledome Mechanics

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Hey all!

It's been a long time since I've even logged onto the game. However, one thing I really miss time and time again (that I feel no other game out there currently has) is the mechanics of the OLD Battledome system. (I'm totally out of touch with the new system, and know NOTHING of it). I used to be very active in the old BD scene.

I'm talking about things like:

  • Pet leagues based on stat calculations
  • Species giving very subtle elemental icons offence/defence bonuses
  • Fierce attack, defensive attacks and the other choices of attacking, that would affect the damage done
  • Certain faerie abilities were useful and strategic to use
  • Offensive Icons, Defensive Icons, Reflecting and Blocking Icons
  • Damage done is calculated based off the nett icon that hits, and then multiplied based off a pet stat
  • etc etc etc

What I'm asking is:

  1. Are there any games that offer a similar, if not same, experience/mechanics of PvP battling as the old BD?
  2. Some links to resources that detail the old BD mechanics (e.g. Formulas to calculate leagues, species buffs, and anything & everything to do with the old BD system)

I ask for these questions as if nothing satisfies (1), I will be making it a personal experiment to develop one off (2).


Cheers and Regards,
An old BDer who suffers from serious nostalgia

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