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Lady Kakata

Brand new Winter MME has been released!

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I did not see that. I totally didn't see that or else I'll be so tempted to spend my NC as it promises mist shower.

Trinkets, foregrounds & accessories are my soft spots.


Not to mention there is one more snow globe on the way, which is already looking gorgeous on its own.

I totally did not see this.

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I love MMEs. If I can swing it, I've started trying to get one of each ID, if I like the first stage. It's so fun to be surprised and see what you get with each stage.


The extra stages, or ones you don't like, are nice to have on hand for trading too. That's what makes me feel better about ending up with duplicates of some stages, as well as when there's a stage or two I don't like. I'd rather have some extras than take my chances with whatever ID I end up with, and end up missing out on a split stage I really loved.

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JN has released the possible stages (which is usually right).
ID 11- wig, wings, foreground

ID 12- handheld mask, wings, mist shower

Bonus: terrace background

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I bought one already, but I'm thinking about getting the other ID as well. A bunch of MMEs seem to contain wigs, which are always hit or miss for Unis, so I'd like to have another option if one of the split stages is a wig, just in case.

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