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Negg Cave Guide and Solutions


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After taking a look at the help thread, I noticed there are quite a few puzzles being posted that are identical to completed puzzles posted on our solutions page. The page consists of screenies of properly completed puzzles and the clues that were used to solve the puzzles. Before posting for help on the thread, you may want to have a look. More screenies are being added daily (in most cases multiple times/day). The page can be found HERE.


For those of you who are completely stumped as to how to go about trying to solve your puzzle, we also have a step by step guide with 2 examples solved right on the guide with screenies and walkthroughs for both. We've also compiled a prize list so you know what the possible prizes are, as well as a few tips (which we are also adding to regularly) to help you out. The full guide can be found HERE.


It might also be worth reminding those posting in the help thread to please put your images in spoilers like so:



IMG URL HERE[/spoiler}


and try to edit your post when someone has solved your puzzle. The best way to do this would be to delete the screenie and message and replacing it wtih "Puzzle has solved" and perhaps adding a thank you message to whoever solved it or the date it was solved.


Also, a note to people helping (you are great and we love you <3), PMing solutions rather than posting them in the thread would be another way to clean up the post and make it more efficient


Thanks guys! xox

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