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The Daily Neopets Forum Guidelines FAQ

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In this topic, you can find detailed information on various aspects of the rules that people frequently ask about. Currently, this topic includes questions about the following:

  • Bumped Topics
  • Short Posts

If your question is not covered here, please feel free to PM Spritzie with your question.

Bumped Threads

Q: What is a bumped thread?
A: Here on TDN, a bumped thread is a thread that has been posted on long after the thread's relevance has passed. This includes old News threads, discussions that became inactive due to lack of new things to discuss, and threads about events that have ended and are not recent, among other things.

Q: I think my post added lots of new information to the discussion. Who can I talk to about unlocking the thread?
A: If you think your thread has been unfairly locked, send a Private Message to Spritzie, our Head Mod. She will review the thread in question and your reasons for wanting it unlocked. If she feels your reasons are sound and that others will be interested in continuing the discussion, she will reopen the thread.

Short Posts

Q: What is a short post?
A: A short post is any post that contains less than 7 words. Smilies are not included in this count, as they are not words. Quotes are not counted either because they are someone else's words rather than your own.

Q: Why are short posts bad?
A: Short posts are considered spammy because they do not add much, if anything, to the conversation.

Q: I really want to post, but I only need four or five words to do so. Do you have any suggestions about how to lengthen my post?
A: For starters, try elaborating on the topic at hand. If you're posting in the News forum, add in why you like or dislike the news you're posting about. If you're posting in a discussion, explain why you agree or disagree with someone, or expand on your point of view. There are lots of ways to add more words to your post, and all of them are related to expanding on your point and adding to the discussion. If you can't think of a single way to add to your post, you're probably better off not posting and simply leaving a comment on someone's profile or sending them a PM.

Q: Do abbreviations count as words?
A: Used sparingly, abbreviations are considered a single word. "ALP", "kthxbai", and "idk" are all examples of abbreviations that, while they stand for several words, will only count as one.

Q: What do you mean by "used sparingly"?
A: Overusing chat speak (abbreviated or otherwise) is considered spam. If you just have one or two chat speak words or abbreviations in your post, there is no issue. If your posts consists entirely of chat speak, it is considered spam regardless of the length of the post.

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