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Calling all Altador Cup fans!

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Are you a big fan of the Altador Cup?


Do you know all sorts of trivia about your team?


Well, you're in luck!

Here at TDN, we've decided to expand our Altador Cup Coverage even further by adding some additional info to our team's profile pages. We're looking for the following info:

  • Players' "Ages" (How old would they be in human years?)
  • Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!)
  • Explanations of your team logo
  • Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has
  • Anything else that I can't think of right now that you find interesting!

Please post all info here on this board! We'll work to update the team profiles as soon as we can! :)


Thank you!


-The TDN Altador Cup Staff

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Players' "Ages" (How old would they be in human years?)


Mirsha - 21

Xana - 20

Larcy Phu - 29

Antola - 19

Foltaggio - 23


yes I know it's a young team .. I keep imagining Karate Kid and The Lucky Seven (chinese movie)


Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!)


Mirsha A true Shenkuu prodigy , she is the pride and joy of the Nation ... she's the Wise Gnorbu's grand-daughter, but that didn't mean she had any favors. She was only 17 when she was handpicked by The Ogrin Master after a fierce competition with some other Ninja apprentices ,,, becoming the youngest YYB Team Caption ever \


her Awards : Rookie of the year on Shenkuu's first appearance in ACII .. MVP runner up in ACIII , then became the first female player to become MVP in ACIV , after leading the top scorer list, and despite losing the finals against KI.


Antola She's one of Princess Terrana's friends at boot camp, and has blended qualities of a Shenkuu athlete and warrior .. known to be speedy and a good mountain climber. Antola claims she is always a kid at heart.


She couldn't play in ACII (Shenkuu's first tournament) because she was only 14 at the time, thus deemed underage by the AC Ruling Committee. Turo Rafels filled in, but in ACIII, at age 15, she claimed her position with the team, becoming the youngest YYB player ever.


Also The only YYB player who underwent gender change, going from a girl to a boy. The Wise Gnorbu was brewing a strange potion, and when he wasn't looking, Antola grabbed a bottle and drank it, thinking it was a power drink. The result was a definite surprise, but Antola says he learned to live with his new self.


Foltaggio is a Mynci of Mystery indeed. First of all, that's not his real name. He adopted the name Foltaggio as a homage to one of the best YYB players in history, Foltaggioni Roonini , who played for Roo Island a long time ago, and opened up PizzaRoo when he retired.


Foltaggio is an over-achiever .. his expectations often disappoint him. He was mad when Mirsha got picked over him to be captain .. but he soon forgot about it and blended in with the rest of the team. He wears an eye-patch .. the true story of what happened will never be known to us .. although rumor has it it's only for "show" and to impress girl-fans.


Larcy Phu is half Kreludian , half Shenkuunese .. his parents met when his dad , Darcy-Phu, was a shipmate on the Cyodrake's Gaze. One time they landed on Kreludor for fuel *kreludite* and he immediately fell in the love with the cute female grundo receptionist at the gates, and they went back together to Shenkuu to wed. But this never affected Larcy, who pledges his complete loyalty to Shenkuu.


Xana DiLanche , as her name shows, is originally not Shenkuunese ... she was just a teenager from Lutari Island spending a nice vacation with her family, walking by the YYB training field, when all of a sudden a rogue Mutant Yooyu came whizzing and wiggling its way through towards them. Xana jumped and caught the Mutant Yooyu, still grunting and biting, just a moment before it hit her dad in the head. She was spotted by Mirsha, who was impressed by her reflexes .. and convinced her to join the team. Each year after exams, Xana travels to Shenkuu in pre-season and joins the team for yet another tournament.


Explanations of your team logo


Shenkuu fan supporting a yooyu ... held together with Ninja blades


Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has

Krawk Island : official Ninjas vs Pirates !!!


Anything else that I can't think of right now that you find interesting!


Team Shenkuu is the only team that have their outfits made of pure silk .. which are especially tailored by the Emperor's personal weavers every year ... making it easier for them to score and move on the field



p.s if someone else wants to do Shenkuu as well .. go ahead .. u can be better than me ;)

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Now that Shenkuu's profile has already been completed by Angelo, I'll do team Moltara's profile. (my sister's team)




Players' "Ages" (How old would they be in human years?)


Aldric Beign - 22 (Birth date: May 1)

Mor Gollog - 27 (Birth date: January 19)

Tulah Kisner - 19 (Birth date: January 7)

Vere Polnieck - 17 (Birth date: July 20)

Zax Bannet - 21 (Birth date: November 17)


Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!)



-Aldric and Tulah were actually cousins, and just like Tulah, he was naturally born a shadow Neopet

-Has a crush on Bertie Shurtz of MI, but was hated by Leera Heggle for that (as he had a crush on Bertie first)

-Enjoys taking a dip at the Magma Pool



-Used to be a school bully, but has changed

-Enjoys sculpting statues

-Was a body builder before he became a Yooyuball player

-Friends with Loryche of TY, Wan Dirx of HW, and the Grarrl commentator.



-Tulah and Aldric were actually cousins, and just like Aldric, she was naturally born a shadow Neopet

-Tulah's favorite sport, other than Yooyuball, is cave gliding

-Knows how to make the spiciest meals

-Friends with Antola Maeir of SK, Ciona Broan of FL, Teylor Nix of MI, and Feldon "Dinksy" Callibridge of KI



-Best friends with Sela Pretore of VP

-Favorite food is ironically, frozen desserts

-Likes to take care of petpets

-Is currently the only Yurble playing for the Altador Cup



-Is an avid gamer

-Constantly overuses the "Yo magma" jokes, which is a parody of the "yo mama" jokes

-Is a good friend of Elbin Kroe of FL, which explains their rather sneaky attitudes



-Vere is currently the only Yurble playing for the Altador Cup




Explanations of your team logo


Supposedly shaped like a mountain, with a gear in front.


Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has


Terror Mountain: Fire vs. Ice! Or Altador, since that they pulled an upset victory in Yooyuball against Moltara yesterday.


Anything else that I can't think of right now that you find interesting!


I dunno.


(inspired by AgJu's post)

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Players' "ages"

Keetra Deile: 25- birthday; 8.15

Sela Pretore: 21- birthday; 12.14

Weldar Xupenfarb: 24- birthday; 2.21

XL Striker 3.8: Ageless (as him and Goltron are robots) but if he had an age, I guess it'd be 20- birthday; 5.2

Goltron MK I: Ageless (as him and XL Striker are robots) but if he had an age, I guess it'd be 19- birthday; 9.19


Fun facts

-Keetra Deile is the only Cybunny to play in the Altador Cup, past or present.

-The last major roster change was in ACIII when the Goalinator was retired and replaced with Goltron.

-Sela Pretore is the only Xweetok currently playing in the Altador Cup. (There was also Palia Alback, but her and Sela weren't on FL and VP respectively at the same time)

-Weldar Xupenfarb is the only Mutant pet to play in the Altador Cup.

-ACVI was the first year Virtupets made it to Tier 1.


Random Player Stuff

Keetra Deile

-Pretty rude and bossy outside of Yooyuball (especially to the Neopian press)

-Her only friends are Sela Pretore, Weldar Xupenfarb, XL Striker, Vonde Cayle, Volgoth and Elon Hughlis. That's as far as we know of.

-Must have half a bagel (no more, no less) and apple juice before every game.

-Deeply hated by Squeaky Tressif and Loryche for having bad leadership.

-Despite being hated by Squeaky (as mentioned above), Keetra has somewhat of a crush on him.

-May or may not be going out with Elon Hughlis.

-Swears that she wasn't as rude and bossy before she became team captain of the Virtupets team.


Sela Pretore

-Best friends with Vere Polnicek. Also friends with the rest of her team (and all of team Brightvale and Haunted Woods) as well as Yaniq Avaan, Xana DiLanche, Mirsha Grelinek, Jair Tollet, Evrem Guilako, Reshar Collifey and Layton Vickles. (Sela's pretty popular, eh? 8D)

-Was captain of her school's Yooyuball team.

-May or may not be distantly related to Vere Polnicek, her best friend.

-Considered a career working as a Neopian Times press photographer, but abandoned it for a Yooyuball career. However, if Sela decides to retire, she'll reconsider that career.

-Lives with Yaniq Avaan on Mystery Island during the offseason.


Weldar Xupenfarb

-Originally from the Virtupets Space Station, but his family moved to Meridell when Weldar was young. He grew up not far from Derlyn Fonnet and her family. Eventually, Weldar's family moved to Roo Island.

-Known to be Keetra Deile's best friend.

-Grew up next door to Sir Pollonaire Freidl when he was three years old until he was fourteen years old.

-Worked at Pizzaroo prior to his Yooyuball career.

-One of Yes Boy Ice Cream's biggest fans- has seen them in concert at least ten times.

-His closest friends are the rest of his team, as well as Autrey Fulse, Antola Maeir, all of team Meridell, Xana DiLanche, Derlyn Fonnet and Winberto Seliz.


XL Striker 3.8

-Wasn't born a robot- originally Starry but then was zapped by the Lab Ray.

-Idolized Sloth when he was younger.

-Lives in Altador with Trapper and Timu (of team Altador) year-round.

-May or may not be Vonde Cayle's cousin.

-His closest friends are the rest of his team, as well as Ilsa Ellits, Zo Junior, Fanetti, Timu, Trapper Remis, Kep Bonnefie, Zax Bannet and Foltaggio.


Goltron MK I

-Was forced into Yooyuball by some of his friends (one of them being Loryche of Tyrannia)

-Really enjoys reading books and the Neopian Times.

-Like his teammate XL Striker 3.8, the Goltron wasn't originally a robot.

-Lives with one of his non-Yooyuball-playing friends during the offseason.

-His closest friends are everyone on his team (save for Keetra) as well as Nitri Cassale, Loryche, Babolino, the Ixi commentator, and Mirsha Grelinek.

Explanations of your team logo

Obviously, the V is for Virtupets. XD


Official/Unofficial rivalries

Kreludor: sorta like a space battle! 8D

Maraqua: Robots vs. Fish~


Anything else

That's pretty much it...


I'll add more info as it comes to me. :)

Also, are we allowed to post general Altador Cup trivia and not just team-specific trivia?

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Terror Mountain


Ages (as of AC VI)

Prytariel- 24, birthday: August 19

Rinok- 27, birthday: October 28

Osielle- 23, birthday: October 6

Minae- 22, birthday: April 3

Evrem- 25, birthday: July 22


(Edit: Didn't originally think to make their ages relative to the first AC when they would've been 5 years younger.)


Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!)


-Prytariel and Dorina Hals are long-seperated half sisters; Prytariel was inspired by Dorina to enter YYB

-Prytariel's favorite food is, ironically, anything spicy!

-In her downtime, Prytariel likes to paint landscapes and watch anime

-Keeps a blog about life in Terror Mountain and being a YYB captain. Has since endorsed travel advertisements to TM.

-is good friends with Orie Dinelle, Ciona Broan, Derbi Azar, Yoris Obbles, Mirsha Grelinek



-had a problem with fighting in school, but was inspired to change his ways through meditation and soul searching

-is originally from Meridell, but moved to Terror Mountain for a complete change of pace; now enjoys his time in TM, though he does occasionally visit family in MD

-wishes to become a YYB coach when he retires and open a training school

-Has an autographed poster of Winberto Seliz, his favorite player and good friend outside of his own team

-enjoys bungee jumping and sky diving



-besides YYB, he loves racing and regularly enjoys the Faerie Cloud Races

-loves action movies

-once very overweight, he began working out to slim down and it was there he cultivated his love of sports

-Briefly lived in Faerieland when he was a kid

-his father, a prominent YYB coach, once trained Squeaky Tressif when Squeaky visited Faerieland on a YYB Summer workshop. As such, he and Squeaky have a friendly rivalry



-is a huge fan of Taelia and Illusen

-was a member of a Chia dance troupe and did not originally want to be on the YYB team (though she played occasionally), but was awed by Prytariel's spirit and decided to help out

-her dream is to open a nursery/daycare center (she loves kids!)

-has a fear of rollercoasters

-says if she could be painted a different color she'd love to be chocolate because she loves sweets; does not want to be a vegetable.



-enjoys surfing and comic books

-knows how to cook a mean omelette

-wishes to visit Moltara someday

-has quite a bug collection, though he left it in Tyrannia so as not to offend Osielle

-has long been rumored to be dating Derbi Azar, but both have told the press that they are just good friends


Random Team Facts:

Participated in a league wide "Halloween Swap" wherein each team dressed up as a different team for a party. They picked Haunted Woods; Prytariel went as Krell, Minae as Fanetti, Osielle as Zo Junior, Evrem as "Brains" Mortigan, and Rinok as Wan Dirx.


Inspired by the late game strategies of other teams (Siege Mode by Meridell, Maraqua's infamous "Piranha Mode", etc) they are currently hard at work on an "Avalanche Mode" that they hope serves them well in the future like the beginnings of it did this year. Tactics are very hush-hush and only shared between the five teammates, of course.


Explanations of your team logo

-inspired by both snowflakes, obviously a common sight in Terror Mountain, and TM's "closeness to the stars." This derives from a tale passed down in Terror Mountain lore of a great faerie, thought to be an ancestor of Taelia's, who chose to settle in Terror Mountain because she liked being close to the stars. Now the phrase is used to describe someone who chooses to reach for great heights in whatever they do. Minae's sister, Symeena, created the logo for the team.


Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has

-Kiko Lake: has more than once delivered devastating upsets to TM

-Tyrannia: their main competition as a sidegaming powerhouse

-Moltara: fire and ice, you know? BTW, I love that Neoman and I said the same thing. :P


If I think of anything else, I'll post it later. :)

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Players' "Ages" (How old would they be in human years?)

Layton Vickles - 32

Tandrak Shaye - 24

Tormo Frien - 25

Kep Bonnefie - 29

Reshar Collifey - 22

<LI>Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!)

Tandrak is secretly an idiot with half a brain. :3

<LI>Explanations of your team logo

It looks awesome... And its a picture of the Citadel.

<LI>Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has

Official -

Krawk Island


Haunted Woods

Unnofficial -




<LI>Anything else that I can't think of right now that you find interesting!

To DCers, the feepit is a symbol of dirtyness. If you see a board title from DC with a feepit in it, think dirty thoughts. No joke, ask any DCMer.

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Players' "Ages" (How old would they be in human years?):

Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!):

Explanations of your team logo:

Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has: Meridell (duh)

Anything else that I can't think of right now that you find interesting:



sorry about the lack of info but i had to post the rival

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So we can pretty much make up whatever we want? That's good, since I had personality sets already prepared for the Moltara Players!

But I see that it's already been done... sad02.gif

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So we can pretty much make up whatever we want? That's good, since I had personality sets already prepared for the Moltara Players!

But I see that it's already been done... sad02.gif

You two could always collaborate and help flesh out Team Moltara. :)

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Angelo's done Shenkuu already! I guess I'll do Altador. We can make for other teams right?

well...Neoman is a Shenkuu supporter who did a profile on Moltara, so I don't see why not. As far as I know, there isn't a rule against writing for a team you're not supporting.

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Ooh ooh! I remember doing this last year. I'd love to flesh out the great Lost Desert team even further.


Players' "Ages" (How old would they be in human years?)

Leera Heggle: 29, birth date May 3

Vonde Cayle: 25, birth date January 18

Derbi Azar: 26, birth date October 10

Luvea Trivon: 22, birth date February 23

Rhee Solters: 20, birth date November 11


Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!)


-Is incredibly stubborn but always stands up for his friends.

-Currently has a bet with Vonde to see who can grow the longest beard before AC X. Whoever loses the bet has to get their other ear pierced (since both have only their left ear pierced).

-Has a huge crush on Bertie Shurtz of team MI, which is why he blew a couple goals in the games that MI won during the double round robins of AC VI.



-An incredible personality all around, he's the type of guy who can make friends with just about anyone.

-Refuses to go to the Haunted Woods after he went one Halloween and was spooked out of his mind.

-He swears that he does not wear "guy-liner" but instead that it is eye black that he uses to reduce the glare of the sun while he plays. As for the times he is off of the field, he says it compliments his beard well.



-Once was held in controversy since she was thought to be closely related to the Referee Scorchio, only to be found as a false rumour. After some record searching, they did find they were sixth cousins thrice removed!

-A great mediator, she is usually called upon when there is an argument between team members. Probably why they thought she was related to the Referee.

-She and Coco Metrone (KL) love to on a girl's day out at Neopia Central.



-The only Draik to have ever played in the Altador Cup (and loves every minute of it).

-Best friends with Lamelle Turow (MQ) and Foltaggio (SK), they like to meet up after games and play a game of Go! Go! Go! with other players.

-Wants to be painted Electric one day.



-She was chosen to fill the spot on LD after Lamelle's departure when she was discovered by a scout as she played for the team at Coltzan University.

-If she didn't get a career in Yooyuball, she most wanted to be a surgeon because of her steady hand.

-Once took Vonde's "guy-liner" eye black thinking that it was makeup. Being new on the team she didn't know about his tradition, causing Vonde to go into a panic right before a game. Since then she has been forgiven but now makes sure she buys her own.


Explanations of your team logo

The Great Pyramid of Sutek is in the center, the blue and gold bars in its background. The blue symbolizes the great wide sky and the gold symbolizes the grand expanse of sand. The bars are set horizontally to symbolize the immensity of the horizon and that there is no challenge that cannot be reached. The banner itself is a triangle pointed down, with two of the corners cut off to signify there is only one direction: towards victory!


Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has

Kreludor: Friendly rivals. After all, they've shared many a final with each other.

Maraqua: Sea versus Shore! The rivalry has mostly become calmer after Lamelle joined MQ.


Anything else that I can't think of right now that you find interesting!

-For the first FIVE cups, they were never below FIFTH place. There were also the FIFTH team to win the Altador Cup. It is also something to note that a pyramid, the symbol of LD, has FIVE corners.

-Ex-teammate Dirty Navers has been rumoured to be considering buying the team. In the meanwhile, he has been spotted attending the Lost Desert matches.

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Tyrannia VS Terror Mountain Obviously!!!!!!!!!!


Almost Every Year They Play Each Other In The Finals.

Also, They Each Have A Player Originally Part Of The Other's Team

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Thanks to everyone who posted so far!


To clarify: You CAN post information about other teams. And feel free to work together on team profiles! Help us make our awesome Altador Cup Coverage even better!!


(Please note, if you contribute information, you WILL be credited on the site! :) )

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Guest dragons9rhapsody

It was my first year on Maraqua. I won't have a lot of factual info.


Players' "Ages" (How old would they be in human years?)


Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis--19. It's said Elon is a young, ambitious, and bossy team captain. I'd say this is about the right age for that.

Tonie Plessix (goalie)--24. He gives the impression of having some age on him, but doesn't seem too old.

Barit Jowes--33. Barit seems to me to be the oldest player on the team. Not too flashy, doesn't call attention upon himself.

Lamelle Turow--26. He's a glory chaser. He left LD when they won probably because he knew the team was going to take a dive and he wanted to be on a team with a chance to win. The age of "I'm trying to be successful and I don't quite have concrete ties to anything in my life" is about this age.

Oten Runeu--28. Seems like a mature bloke to me.


Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!)


Elon was the reason that Jair Tollet said she left MQ several years ago. Apparently Elon is a self absorbed and selfish captain who doesn't pass the ball. :D


Explanations of your team logo


We aren't really sure... it's been speculated that it's some sort of symbol that represents King Kelpbeard. I'd say that if there was an ancient Atlantean language, that's probably the symbol for Maraqua.


Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has


Mystery Island seems to hate our guts. I'm not sure when that started or why.

There was a lot of talk about our team as a whole being arrogant... but in reality we're just having a good time playing together. We love winning and we sober when we lose.

I think there was some friendship established this year with KI when the finals became a war between Space and the Sea.


Anything else that I can't think of right now that you find interesting!


ACVI was our most drama free and fun year I am told. ^_^ WAM is a very organized, close community. We love playing together, win or lose. Obviously we are disappointed we did not win this year, but I believe MQ is still a growing team that is just now reaching its full potential. This is one of the most balanced teams in regard to effort I've seen, with many average to above average players as opposed to very few triple+ allstars that do all the dirty work for an abundant bottom feeder population.

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I love reading those profiles on the teams! It's certainly a lot more interesting than just "name" and "team position." :yes:

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Players' "Ages" (How old would they be in human years?)


Kayn Hireck - 29

Orie Dinelle - 24

Montecito - 26

Squeaky Tressif - 31

Reb Weemelott - 18


Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!)

Kayn - Is loved by everyone, used to serve at Pizzaroo, was considering joining the Food Club before taking up Yooyuball, eats toast every day,is

Orie - Has huge sticky gloves that Reb occasionally gets caught in, used to teach yoga,has recovered from depression in 2008,is best friends with Sela Pretore and Mirsha Grelinek. Her and Coco Mentrone are rivals.


Montecito - Black belt in karate,friends with Foltaggio and Larcy Phu,was born in Shenkuu,only moved to Brightvale in 2004,favourite food is pancakes,is the only kacheek in the cup.


Squeaky - Formerly Royal until the red random event made him ANGRY and he ran away from home,then he got into fights everywhere before taking up gymnastics. Nobody really likes him in the team.


Reb - Was born on Mystery Island and hopped away to Brightvale. There Roberta educated him and he only first played yooyuball against Kiko Lake, Brightvale's first ever match.



Explanations of your team logo - The Brightvale Star over lush green grass.

Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has - Meridell,Darigan Citadel.

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Players' "Ages" (How old would they be in human years?)


"Trapper" Remis: 19, birth date January 17

Salayne Ritad: 24, birth date July 4

Lyvon Cibaire: 24, birth date November 1

Winberto Seliz: 20, birth date August 20

Timu: 7 (or 28), birth date February 29


Fun facts (Relationships, jokes, or just random trivia!)



- Trapper was originally from Faerieland and participated in Poogle Races. When he got sick of it, he painted himself green and migrated to Altador.

- It has been reported that he has a huge crush on Dorina Hals.

- Trapper has a dream to go to Lutari Island someday.



- Salayne is good friends with Kayn Hireck of Brightvale and Oten Runeu of Maraqua.



- Praised by his team mates for his hardwork in the slushie stands.



- Good friends with Haunted Woods' Zo Junior.

- Always skips Slushie duty.



- Thinks Elbin Kroe of Faerieland is cuter than anyone else.

- Good friends with Xana DiLanche of Shenkuu and Delma Harrence of Faerieland. They call themselves "The Pinkies".

- Was born in/on a leap year. Her team mates tease her as "the baby" even though she's the oldest among them.


Explanations of your team logo


The yellow colored fire yooyu represents Altador's eagerness to win the cup. The 8 rays behind the yooyu represents the 8 years of bad luck for Altador before they rise from the dust or It could mean 8 years of success after years of suffering.


Official/Unofficial rivalries your team has


Moltara: Altador and Moltara has a friendly rivalry for 2 years now. Both teams are battling to avoid dead last. As it is called, "Double Battle To Avoid Dead Last"


Anything else that I can't think of right now that you find interesting!


I got nothing.

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Alberto! I have dibs on the in-depth MQ information, don't forget that now! :P (Thanks to dragons9rhapsody for the contribution though. ;) )

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Alberto! I have dibs on the in-depth MQ information, don't forget that now!


Sir. Sir! Please, calm yourself! We are all people that care about you here! It's okay. *reassuring pat*



Thanks for all the info, please keep it coming!

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And now, I wish to add to Moltara's statistics. (REALLY wish I'd done it myself, but oh well. Early bird gets the worm.)

Team Logo The gear is the symbol of Moltara. It represents a hard working nation, one that strives to be the most industrially advanced area of Neopia. It proves that Moltarans are hard working people, ones that endure the hardships of living in a blazing hot volcano. It proves that they are dedicated to our work, and that they strive to become better each time. Whether it be though a discovery or new innovation, they will continue to rise up to the challenge to make Neopia a better place.

As for the mountain, it represents the volcano. The colors represents rock and lava, both combined make magma of course!

(Basically, it represents the area the team's representing)


Add one more to the list: Lost Desert.

It's not a competitive rivalry, but a friendly one. A competition to see who's the hottest team on the cup!

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