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  1. The marble is absolutely gorgeous!
  2. Do different things happen on the days for pets? Tbh I have never really noticed the dates
  3. I got enough gift boxes but would be keen to swap these items for something interesting; I love backgrounds atm and wings are always fun but don't have any preferences. Probably easiest to contact me via neopets at pruedamon I have Fyora Wig, Pretty Purple Pinwheel Staff, Staff of the Space Faerie and Mayor of Moltaras Mustache that I would be happy to swap.
  4. I pounded these guys recently if anyone is interested in my zapping efforts https://pets.neopets.com/cp/6m8mhc92//4.png Name Triwiel the Daigan Jubjub https://pets.neopets.com/cp/7t5fowrg//4.png snufflesgirl the Gold JubJub https://pets.neopets.com/cp/qfzvqj2o//4.png ChocolateMarbleCake the Glowing Wocky https://pets.neopets.com/cp/x7c5f83n//4.png pufferfishy_bob the Silver Meerca edit- the pictures aren't loading for me at the moment
  5. I’m the same! I’ve had an account for 20 years and have found my way back to see what’s new. Have you found anything new that’s interested you?
  6. That's amazing! I'm hoping one day mine goes up to that
  7. Name: Rukaillo Species: Robot Ruki Status: UFA Requirements: A Good Hoem Contact: pruedamon on neopets I'm zapping his petpet atm so your welcome to wait until his Altachuck becomes something cool or not
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