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    Neopets: Avatars, Neopian Times, Trophies. Offline: Feminism, Politics & Veganism.

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About Me

Hello there, I am blueberry


When I was first on neopets I did a lot roleplaying and game playing for trophies, I've also spent a considerable amount of time collecting avatars. These days I do less roleplaying & striving for gamer trophies, and instead focus on avatar collecting and contest entering.


I recently started a thread on the forum about the Neopian Times as my next big aim is to hone my Neo-Writing skills and submit something. Come find me on there if you want to chat about it, I'll be checking in there each time I hang out at the TDN forums.


Other areas I hope to soon get involved in are: the new battledome, NeoQuest, KeyQuest.

So, you'll probably see me start a threat about them soon and/or how I'm failing to grasp very basic concepts.

Areas I have never really been involved in, and will probably leave off for a while: Trading pets (especially 'up-trading' ?!) and customisation. But, you never know, I might read a really interesting article about it here on TDN or the NT, and get totally enthusiastic.


Anyway, thanks for checking out my About Me. Feel free to get in touch.

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