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How do you play YYB? (Mouse or keyboard)

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Hey guys,

So over the course of this AC. I've seen people mention a bit about how they play, or where they don't know how some players play with either the mouse, or the keyboard. If you're used to one, chances are it's because the other is more difficult for you. Also, if you feel like it, feel free to share tips and strategies for how you play, it might help others who aren't as experienced get some ideas that might boost their playing levels a bit. πŸ˜‰

I have trouble playing with the mouse, so I'm a steadfast keyboard player for YYB. I prefer playing Right to Left, and in 1-3 formation. Sure the fingers might slip with the keys at some times, but overall I find it more stable for me to control the characters.

That being said, the glitches in the game, such as a scrolling jump, and where sometimes your character with the Yooyu walks without you even touching the controls, as though it's not reading the control-input, both have happened a couple of times this year, and I tend to see issues like that a couple of times each AC when I'm playing.Β  For the keyboard though, it's important to keep the mouse cursor off of the borders of the flash game area. Otherwise it can kind of interfere, like the game doesn't know which input to read. That's my speculation based on past experiences.

Since this got a bit long, I'm playing the following tips under spoiler tags.

Regarding the first 4-6 yooyus.

Anyway, when I play, at least for the first 4-6 yooyus, I prefer to go up a little bit and then back down to the center area after I've grabbed the yooyu, it often will help fake-out the the other team's forward. Though the more players the opposing team has up front, increases the chance of someone trying to steal the yooyu anyway, even if 1 or 2 forwards are faked out. And even against a single forward, they might still successfully steal it early on anyway.

Speed in scoring.

The fastest time I've scored a goal, was 1-second, using the enlargement power-up. You grab it before or AS you first grab the yooyu, which means needing a lot of luck that it's shown up in that area between you and the yooyu already. Usually, I have a few routes that, when they work, I usually can score in about 2 seconds according to the game clock. If it's a team that's giving me trouble, there are routes for 3 seconds as well that are a little less risky. But hey, a lot of getting ANY route to work requires LUCK in this game. lol

Maximizing limited time per goals.

Although, if you're playing and time is very low. I find that you need a minimum of 3 seconds for a 2-second route, and a 4 seconds for a 3-second route. I suppose, with an enlargement power-up AND a fire yooyu, you MIGHT be able to pull of a faster shot with 2-3 seconds on the clock, but that combo with amount of time left hasn't happened for me yet. However, fire yooyu + Enlargement power-up your Goalie CAN score a goal, it just won't count to your stats after the game has ended. I've confirmed this from my own experiences.

The dreaded Darigan Yooyu.

Of course, the Darigan Yooyu is a pain, though I feel like I have more trouble with the Faerie Yooyu, tbh.Β Darigan used to just be the opposite of what you pressed when you shot, now it seems to have different, randomized patterns. It takes luck, and I recommend trying the same button combo from the same area of the field a few times. If the Darigan yooyu does NOT change and say, continue goes up while you're holding down/right, then you know that the pattern isn't likely to change and you can test other key combos until you find one that will work for you. Sometimes the pattern is a rotating one, where holding down whatever button-combo will launch the Darigan yooyu up, then upper right, then right, and so on. Use these tricks to try and figure out a pattern. The more you play, hopefully it will get a little easier to sense and figure out as you gain experience with it. Also, I like picking up the net expander or the speed-boost power-ups. Both can be very useful in shooting, or getting away from the other team's players so you can charge up a shot. Also, if you're a relatively good scorer, it's ok to save time by trying to get the darigan yooyu in your own net. I try to keep it on the opponents side of the field as much as possible, but if they get it over to your side, and are being pests by not letting you get it back, then I view it as fine to give up 1 point in order to save clock-time for you to score more points. Otherwise, just try to keep the Darigan Yooyu away from them if you hold the lead and don't want to risk giving up any points.

Guess that's it for now. One other thing to keep in mind, is that the no matter who scores a goal, when the next yooyu appears, 8 seconds will have been deducted from the play-clock. This happens after EVERY goal. So, if you score high, your game time goes by more quickly, which means you can get more games in more quickly. Great if you're working with time constraints of some sort.

With Neopets Mobile being in the BETA, perhaps some time, maybe even next year, MAYBE TNT will have a way for mobile devices to play YYB for the AC? That might be fun,. πŸ˜‰ and could be a good possibility for some who don't like to play with keyboard OR mouse. Just speculation on my part. πŸ˜‰

I hope some of this is helpful, maybe get some of those brain-juices flowing and looking for routes that you too can use to improve your game and overall Yooyu-balling ability. ;D

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