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Howdy ya'll! I have a confession. I have, like, zero interest in almost any NC item, even wearables. I hate the idea of spending real life money on Neopets but over time I've accrued some NC wearables through site giveaways and freebies. 

Below is a screenshot of all the NC items that I currently own. I'm pretty sure they're all giftable! If you see one you want, all you have to do is be the first one to NM me asking for it! Do NOT DM me on TDN to ask for them- I'm only here once a week or so to go through dailies and I won't see your message. I'm pretty sure I can only gift one NC item per day, so it might take me a few days or even weeks to get to your request. Still, I promise if you're the first person to ask for the item (only one item per person, please), you will be the one to receive it. If you aren't, I'll let you know and let you ask for another item. If you want to skip this process, just NM me a list of which items you'd like, and I'll send you whatever item you want that hasn't been claimed yet.

I did this maybe a year or two ago and people seemed to really like it! But I learned a few lessons on how to most fairly run this, so that's why these rules are here. If you'd like to thank me for this giveaway (which is totally unnecessary but always welcomed), I'll be throwing up a few junk trades soon. Feel free to bid with a donation item or NP amount!

Thank you guys so much!




UPDATE: Here are my remaining items! Please NM me if you want them! Note i only have 2 giftboxes right now, but if you're the first to ask for an item, you WILL get it, even if I have to wait a few days to get another giftbox in order to gift it to you!


Annotation 2019-11-24 154910.png


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