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What items have you gotten?


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I have gotten

- Fetch! Stamps

- Spooky Doughnuts

- Ghost Marshmellows

- Sludgys

- Mystery of Halloween

- Halloween Koi Plushie

- Halloween Ixi Plushies

- Slorg

- Meowclops Statues


There were probably other things too, but I can't remember them.

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I got 4 fetch stamps, 2 ghost marshmallows, 6 spooky doughnuts, a Sludgy, a Slorg, and the book "Mystery of Halloween". I didn't even know I had gotten them- they just showed up in my inventory.



I've been editing each time I got a new item. I won't for now, it is to time- consuming. I will edit later, when I have like 80 of everything

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Mostly donuts, A magic ghost marshmallows, Some random sludgies, mallows, the usual junk

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Some people on the neobards are saying that they actually got halloween paint brushes...


http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.pht...003&next=21 o_O

I wanted to get one of those! Someone here at TDN said TNT wouldn't be that generous though :D. I must say I'm inclined to agree, still it would be nice...

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I got :

-1 crytal ball table

-7 ghost marshmellows

-2 Fetch! stamps

-1 sludgy

-2 meowclops statues

-1 halloween kau plushie

-8 spooky doughnuts

-1 mystery of halloween (book)

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I don't remember the exact numbers or anything, but here's what I got:


-like, a million spooky doughnuts and ghost marshmallows

-a ton of fetch stamps

-like five sludgies

-no slorgs :crying:

-1 or 2 meowclops statues

-2 mystery of Halloween books

-halloween koi plushie

-some other plushie (can't remember)


yeah, I know, I got a TON of stuff, but none of it is worth very much....oh well :woot:

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