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I think a free loader is someone who joins any team (it dosn't matter which on) at the start or near it and only play a couple of games. (Less than 50.)

If someone joins the day before it ends or something, depending on the reason why they didn't join sooner they could or could not be a freeloader. If they play more than 50 games or more in one day than I don't count them as a freeloader.

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After browsing the AC boards on Neopets, I have come to the conclusion that many people, if not all the people who have All-Star-ed already, talk about freeloaders. They call people who are only at like, Rank 4 (like me) freeloaders, saying that they don't play enough or they don't love their team enough, or they don't want their team to win.


I think it's wrong that people are calling players like me freeloaders. We're sorry that we aren't on the computer 24/7. I wouldn't say that I am one; I would say that I have a life away from the computer. I would also say that Neopets' games are not the only thing that hold my interest on the internet.


So, I'm curious.... How would you define a freeloader?


Someone who doesn't play as much as they should/could?

Someone who only plays a little on purpose?

Or someone who hasn't played at all, and is just along for the ride to the top?


I am only rank 2 because I can't play during the weekdays, and I'm not considered a freeloader. How is that possible.


I think someone that joins and does nothing is a freeloader. They have the hard-workers do everything for them, so they can get a trophy that they don't deserve.


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