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Found 5 results

  1. You can choose your teams now This will be my first Altador Cup and I'm actually excited to see what all the buzz is about. I have no history or knowledge on how any of this works other than this being a Neopets equivalent to the world cup. I look forward to seeing the poll results and predictions/brackets. Happy Blitzbal--I mean, Yooyuballing!
  2. I was just wondering when the next cup starts?
  3. Help! I cleared my browsing history and now cannot access my telescope to find the Gatherer constellation. The telescope screen will not even appear when I go to the observatory. How do I fix this?
  4. Let's show our love for Shenkuu Go Team Ninjas ! :ph34r:
  5. I'm having so much trouble with the Spellbook portion of the Altador Plot. I've tried using the Daily Neopets spell book finder, and a ton of others and I've gotten different coordinates so many times. TDN said that my coordinates were 9, 84, another site said they were 9, 12 and another said that they were 8, 13. I've searched all of these rooms 10 times over and I still can't find it. My Sleeper coordinates are: (-40, 44) (0,14) (40, -16) (80, -16) (120, 14) (160, 44) If anyone can help me figure this out I will be completely indebted to you. Please Help!
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