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  1. It is September 2nd 2022, I have been on and off Neopets for years, 19 years, and I tried to get this Avatar before but would get bored then forget. I bought 3 Vegan Cheeses and 1 soft white cheese, to place between my Drackonacks(6 in total) and left the other 3 cheese items as is. I refreshed literally less the 10 minutes later I got the Avatar. The Drackonack did not eat the Vegan Cheese which is going at about 6k now, or the Soft white cheese which is worth exactly 1k now, it ate an Egg Salad and Cheese Sandwich which I bought for about 10np so it works out even better. HOWEVER I absolutely do think those cheeses were the answer and I will never believe any differently!
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