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  1. Thank you haha!! In my free time I've sketched out a couple of future comics, but since they take me so long I don't really get much done. I think I have 3 or 4 sketched out right now? I'll have to find more time to work on them in between assignments and other projects :)) I'm also trying to participate in the art gallery more. In fact, I just submitted something for the Chocolate Ball! Hopefully it gets in because the entry I drew was harder than I had anticipated. Whoa!! It's awesome to hear that someone recognizes them ♥ Thank you so much!! Thanks! Starting those
  2. Hi friends!! I've been on Neo for 12 years now, and after numerous hiatuses/breaks I figured I'd come back and try to interact with more communities this time :)) A little about myself: Over the years I've submitted several comics to the NT! What began as fun comics turned into me becoming an animation student in college now. I've had lots of fun drawing Neopets related artwork and the site has definitely been a huge artistic inspiration to me ♥ Sometimes I get tied up in thinking about "the old days" on Neopets, so I thought reaching out to a community will help remind me that
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