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  1. On board 7 I hang out mostly in my country's boards, they're more active than my team this is for Altador Cup loll Eh, this week has been kinda bad for me because I'm studying a lot for next week's texts. Ask me again next weekend lol I only wish there were more people around here. I'm under the impression there aren't manny active people around sadly.
  2. At the beginning I'm not gonna lie I wasn't as sad/angry about it as I should have lol But now I'm kinda growing tired of it
  3. Hi! I have two pets UFT. Lucy_Shamurk the Faerie Xweetok annie_shamurk the baby Ixi
  4. Hi! I just registered, I've been looking for somewhere to talk a bit more freely about Neopets and with less fear of judgement than the Neoboards lol Idk, I always feel like I'm too much of a noob on the Neoboards. Anyways, how are you guys in this whole quarantine? Crazy times
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