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  1. Bank error gave me money yesterday.. haha.. was like 1k or something
  2. This is really nice! I used to do this with my kid, we sculpt cats and let them air dry. And then we color. I'd love to see your finalized work.
  3. Thanks! Yes, I may have all the accounts back (chances I will) but I start from zero again, might as well just create a new one. I will miss the pets but I'm not sure if I want to have them linked to my email, username or anything. I was naive back then naming them with something they could guess. Basically all the accounts under the same email are gone now. To the forum moderators, I would love to share my new account but I think I'm still a bit scared now so I want to lay low and just play with my husband. However, I'll remain active in the community and will still contribute in a way that I can. I would love to still trade, trade pets, lend my own things too, just doing the usual things, but I'll keep my new account username only to moderators, no longer publicly. I hope that is okay to you guys. Right now I want to get back into NeoQuest, doing the Altador Plots again and get back the secret lab (although my husband has unlocked it, but I'd rather have my own) and the avatars. Thank you everyone for your support.
  4. I saw that my husband's account still with over 300+ avatar, game trophies, bank account, everything intact. Including his NC Mall purchases. Mine instead were like reset. It makes so much sense now why TNT froze all of these accounts for safety. Probably at some point, when all the stuff I had were 'reset' I actually had my stuff stolen including my data there. For some reason I'm glad they froze my accounts. I'd rather.. start over with completely new name, totally different than my usual style. Who knows when will this attack happen again. I heard people with accounts hacked still could see their accounts online like someone is playing over there, but they could no longer access. And I'm also happy my husband's account is safe. Out of all of our accounts including my daughter's only his account was not attacked. This scares me.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the link! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  6. My account is frozen again and this time I totally had no idea why. Here's my email to their ticket, explaining what I was doing these days. Do you guys think there's still hope? I read everywhere that many people were wrongly accused in the past and never got their accounts back. The attachment that I sent them is my PC uptime 42 hours in total from task manager.
  7. I previously posted about submitting 2 scores that are high but one of them not so high, I used to score higher before. So these scores are being reviewed. The thing is, I think because of this they're freezing my account. I have submitted a ticket explaining why, because I knew what I did could lead to freezing, I just didn't think it would look so much like cheating because I was only playing the games I was already good at (from previous account that was frozen but I couldn't recover). I guess if I can't get back my account, I'll just stop playing. I know I've been constantly staring at the PC for hours and not even switching off. Logging in and logging out from the phone and back to PC. A bit too often maybe. But I'm human, I don't see anything illegal there (at least, that's what I think).
  8. Got Poogle Racing Winner avatar

  9. Yes! It's for Tonu Charge avatar. I think I requested for September but if you can make it earlier it's fine too. I will have to transfer one pet to my secondary account.
  10. Just got Grarrl Keno avatar and Punchbag Bob trophy.

  11. Yeah.. I'm also about to play Eliv Thade now, I'm really good in that and had always made high scores. It just took hours, as I recall. So I hope that will be okay while having the other 2 scores being reviewed. I don't want to stop playing other games just because I'm scared lol
  12. Two of my scores are being reviewed; Meepit Juice Break and Extreme Potato Counter. Should I be worried? I'm getting worried because they might think I cheat even though I had two tabs open. Meepit Juice Break was being played (and taken break in between) overnight and Extreme Potato Counter I did good scores because my husband counted them T_T It's probably just me because my account was frozen in the past even when it wasn't my fault and I really hope this is not the reason I'm getting frozen again. Or maybe I should slow down with trying to get the game avatars. I'm also trying with Kiss the Mortog now, like non stop clicking but no luck.
  13. I just sent a request too (as mentioned on Discord) and I forgot what did I request because it was some time ago. Yesterday I just returned the Robot Cobrall back to Emily so I'm happy to say that I've found the right community to help me with Neopets just like I used to in the past. I'll wait when everyone is ready for trades or anything, and I'll send my requests, no rush. I just hope they don't freeze my account for no reason again hahaha Good luck and all the best to everyone!
  14. Thanks very much! I'm going to do that now. Yes, I have several more things missing I guess when they shifted the server or something, back when the company was being bought over. It's alright, I'll manage to get them all back slowly. Edit: I got this. Checked everything but can't find Royalboy Lutari in TDN list. Edit of edit: Nvm, it was supposed to be Royal Boy Lutari.
  15. As I said in my previous (intro) thread, now that I'm back after 10 years not checking the account at all, so I'm going to collect avatars again. Other than my bank was cleared out (totally with no money when I logged in, like some kind of reset), my neohome was gone too. It's okay because I don't have the screenshot to my previous wealthy (why would I keep a screenshot anyway?) So I checked my games and Spacerocked! is gone from the list even though I scored over 14,000 (I have taken screenshot) and then I transferred money to my secondary account just so I could use Soup Kitchen (strangely I thought I had the avatar already), in fact I did! I fed and nothing happens but the avatar is not in the list either. I don't know how else to check, it's like the game knows I have gotten some avatars in the past but they're not listed. Like I said, for some reason my account was reset. So I submitted a ticket and hope this will be resolved soon. Has anyone of you encountered such issue before?
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