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  1. So I got a score of 1769 in darigan dodgeball but because I sent 3 scores (twice by mistake oml) it apparently doesn't qualify and is not allowing me to accept the prize -.- but yesterday you could send 3 scores and still send a qualifying score after that to get the prize. So bye bye bonus prize I guess ;-; I might even email then just incase
  2. So I've gotten some pretty good items, and I've been able to add them to my closet fine, but I'm having trouble with my new MiniMME6-S2: Golden Outdoor Background, I have been trying to put it on my pet for a customisation I've been wanting to do for ages, but when I go to customise my pets its not there, but every thing else in my closet is. I've cleared my closet so its the only thing in there not on a pet, but it still wont show when trying to customise. Is there something I can do about it, like send a ticket/email? or do I just have to wait? Have you guys gotten anything
  3. This is my idea for if you keep him the same colour :) I have a few items that suit the background in the editing version so you could edit it yourself if you wanted. I really like the Breathtaking Night Sky with the cloud colouring, buts its like 700k. and the lunar cape is expensive but I have cheaper options listed :) https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1638143
  4. My dream pet for past like 6 years is a WN UC Faerie Pteri, But I have no idea how to trade pets and finding a person that would trade an amazing pet for a converted pet would be so hard.
  5. Dark faerie quest! looking for - Altador Ship Model Thanks! ?
  6. Hello! Im jessica :) ive been playing neopets for 6 years, i found two of best friends on Instagram :) i also like anime and video games, and i never have my headphones out of my ears because im always listening to music haha I also play Pokemon, have for 10 years :)
  7. I'm struggling with the current game 'rock rampage', I'm using an apple keyboard (Small arrow keys) and i wear long nail extensions, making it very difficult to play. WASD is much easier for me but they dont have an option to swith so for other game i would use two hands to play but in those games the arrow keys were the only keys you had to use. Any tips to get to 800 because im only getting like 150 points
  8. I have Dyeworks Blue: Butterfly Shower, i got it twice in fact, but I'm wanting the purple one, if anyone has this i would love to do a swap or something. Open to discussion :)
  9. and thats it folks lol no more daily faerie quests or half price quest cookies Annoying because i was literally had 2 in my cart, (2 for the price of one) then it finished today ugh This post has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep posts on topic. This is for quest help only and not for discussion. Per the reason above, please review this topics rules.
  10. iristinley Acaras in History 1 900 NP kipchipotto7 Acaras in History 1 2,125 NP kblizzard Acaras in History 3 2,200 NP kelly_d60 Acaras in History 5 2,500 NP kymnesss
  11. Looking for 'Tin Foil Hat' fire faerie quest!
  12. i actually just got a neomail from the staff saying that my score has been approved, apparently its been happening to a lot of people scoring over 1290 :)
  13. i just did Lost City Lanes daily dare, took quite a few tries because i haven't played it before. When i got the score i needed, i sent my score and i got told it was being sent for review? I'm confused as to why and if they don't review my score before todays dd is over will it still be counted? or will i lose my progress for dd? Do they think i cheated or something? My game was glitching a showing a full set of pins when i only had like 2 or 3 to knock down.
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