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  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that your baby is sick. :[ He looks so sweet. Wishing him a speedy recovery, and hoping you're able to get some well needed, and deserved rest. [Also, I love polydactyl kitties. Their paws are just so cute!]
  2. With the amount of free spins I've gotten on the Wheel of knowledge over the years.. I'd have the avatar 20+ times now. Just today, I've landed on the free spin space 4 times already. Does this happen anyone else, or just me? It happens at least once a week where I get a minimum of 1 free spin.
  3. I used to have a pretty decent sized collection of stuffed animals up until sometime in high school. Right now all I have is a giant (and I mean giant, it's practically the same size as me), an Apa plushie (from the Nick show Avatar), and then a build-a-bear my husband gave me a few years ago that I sleep with every night (probably much to his annoyance lol) I do, Like Kuma, collect Disney Pins as well. I just started getting into it and wish I would have been more into it when we were on our honeymoon. I could have done soo much pin trading then lol.
  4. Hi Courtney! My name is Lexi. I really like photography, reading, Disney, and sour candy. I do the ocasional video games as well but I mostly play the Lego ones lol. What kind of video games and books do you enjoy? I really hope you enjoy your stay here. Everyone I've met here has been super friendly and nice.
  5. I had a feeling you were going to say that it was the Lion King based on your profile picture. ? My Personal favorite is Beauty and The Beast, however, I do really enjoy all the other ones you mentioned. :) I've never heard of that author. I'm going to have to look into those! I just finished the Percy Jackson Series and now I'm going to finally start the Divergent series like my family has been telling me to read for years now lol.
  6. It's nice to meet you Aleu! I hope you enjoy your time here. My name is Lexi, but on neo and here i'm known as burntpastryies. I see that you like books, cats and Disney which brings me to, What's your favorite Disney movie? and, Who's one of your favorite authors to read?
  7. We were without power for 4 days. I actually got some footage of the winds (before the tornado actually came through) and it's pretty freaky. If my dad was not a jack of all trades, we would have been without power a lot longer and I would have had to pay an electrician about $1,300 to reattach the meter back onto my house. I've always been nervous of storms and now I'm about 1000x more leery of them. I'm glad that you guys are okay. I'm glad my house wasn't leveled either. I, fortunately, live on the side of town that didn't get full strength. There are 2 houses about 2 blocks down, that got condemned and one of them has already been completely torn down. My town is known for it's tree canopies along the streets and now... well lets just say a lot of the really old trees are gone. I can't imagine having holes in my roof. Tornadoes really are such a pain. That's crazy that the count kept raising higher and higher. The day it hit here there were 27 recorded Tornadoes in Iowa. :0 Insurance is not really covering all of my damages. Thankfully everything is pretty well picked up but now I'm dealing with having to find a NEW contractor to do the roof since the guy we had picked out isn't answering us back. I'm just glad we didn't give him any money. It's just super frustrating to have to look again when everyone is so backed up because of this. And the fact that like it or not, winter is getting closer and I need to get it done. The windows I can deal with if I'm unable to get it done before winter. My main concern is my roof and my garage. We discovered the other day that even if we lock it... one push of the door and it'll open. Plus it's starting to lean quite a bit and I'm nervous that a heavy snowfall could cause it to topple over. Thanks, I'm going to need all of the luck I can get at this rate.
  8. Someone else just posted on the neoboards with the same issue. A few people there said that you have to win in the battledore to obtain the avatar. So I would try that first. Otherwise if that doesn't work I would do what Nielo said and submit a ticket as well. Hopefully you can get it. :)
  9. I just submitted a score for the Lost City Lanes game, which I have never played until today, and got a message saying "Your score is be reviewed by staff. If it is deem valid you will receive your neopoints and go into the high score table" . Should I be worried or is it probably just nothing? **Edit. Shortly after I posted this it ended up being deemed valid. I just found it odd because I have never seen that message before. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  10. I only scratched off the cards for the avatars so if it was me, I'd sell it. I'm not much of a risk-taker otherwise lol.
  11. Thankfully my parents and my husbands live out of town so they were unaffected. One of my cats is terrified of storms now, and I'm really not a big fan of them now either. My other cat and my husband don't care when storms come though. It could have been way worse. A guy that works where I do.. he lived just down the street from me and he had major roof damage. Makes me sad for him, and all the more thankful that my house didn't fare worse. I couldn't even begin to describe how it felt to come home and see it. My mom and I both work on the side of town that did not get hit (thank goodness) and she's the one who called and told me how bad it was. Both her and my husband made it to the house before I did. Hearing a description versus seeing it for yourself is so different. I did A LOT of crying that day. Even called back to work and cried telling them the whole scope. It's just crazy no one got hurt. Especially at the Lennox and JBS plants. Pella is between an hour to two away from me. I've seen photos of the damage there, it's just sad to see. Aw, thank you! It's been a long project. I'm a little ticked off because I was soooo close to being done with repainting the entire outside of the house. All I had left was two sections of the top story (the one on the photo, and then one other side). Now I'm looking at probably having to re-side the whole house. ? However insurance isn't giving me enough so I might have to just patch . We're defiantly stronger now, and there's still a long way to go. Thank you for the encouragement! It means a lot. :) That emoji definitely describes how I felt. The next day we came back to start more of the clean-up process and I didn't even know where to begin. Sometimes I look at my house and still think that. It's been 3 weeks and I'm still not done cleaning everything up. :s We are still finding shards of broken glass EVERYWHERE. I am for sure keeping it for the archive. It'll be a great story to tell my kids (once I have them) someday. It is a little bit of a cold comfort. However, I choose to look at the flip-side of things. I knew when I bought the house 3 years ago that I was eventually going to need to re-shingle the house. Now I don't have to worry about paying for it because my insurance will. :) Same with my kitchen window that got destroyed, I was going to get that replaced eventually but now insurance paid for it so I didn't have to. :) I'm not sure if it considered Victorian or not. I know it's an old house, just turned 100 this year to be exact. I love the siding on the top half that it revealed and I'm hoping it wont' be to expensive to fix/duplicate it. (The holes are from when they must have blown in insulation) That's about how it is for us. Mostly out in the corn or soy fields if they do touch down. The last serious one I can remember is Parkersburg which happened I think 10-12 years ago. That one though was an EF-5, ours that came through was an EF-3 . It's common to get some serious winds here during thunderstorms but, nothing that caused major damage. It's usually just limbs down and leaved blown around. My main issue with the insurance is that they are from Ohio. It'd be so nice to have something with a local office but, can't really do much about it right now. My car insurance was great. The house.. not so much. Main issue is I have cash value on the house, which then means that they take x amount out of what I'd get for "Depreciation" . Where as, I had full coverage on the car due to the fact that I had to because I had a loan on it. Thanks for the tip! I didn't even think to check the house foundation. I didn't even think about the possibility of it twisting the house either. I know the winds twisted part of our garage so I wouldn't be surprised if it would have shifted the house a little bit.
  12. It's thankfully just aesthetic from what we've seen. We've been noticing a lot more cracks in the walls and ceilings now though. We're all doing okay, just super stressed out. My poor cat Ollie is now terrified of storms. When we first got to the house after it hit we were worried something happened to him because we could not find him anywhere. It seriously took us at least 20 minutes to find him in the house. Doesn't help that he's pretty much an all black cat, and is a pro at hiding. My area they aren't very common, but also common. Mostly when tornadoes do touch down they're in cornfields. However this particular time was not. There were 27 reported tornadoes the day of the storm that all touched down in Iowa. Three different towns were hit but unfortunately my town was the worst hit of the three. The last one that had this type of catastrophic damage that was close to us was 12 years ago I believe. Surprisingly enough, no one was hurt or killed from it. I suppose I should take that back, there was one person who ended up getting hurt trying to assist with clean up. But yea, no one was critically injured, mostly just seems to be mentally hurt (if that makes any sense). We're all okay, the first few days after it happened a lot of people around town just had the same solemn look on their face. I personally was depressed about it. That's the best way to describe how I feel about it. I am however, incredibly lucky. I live on the corner and just looking down to the other corner.. You see so many roofs with tarps on them. Besides the apartment building on my side of the street I think we are the only house that didn't need to have a tarp on the roof. Everyone in town seems to be doing better, or at the very least we are all recovering. I am just so glad that neither of us were home. I know if I was I would be a total basket case. I am so thankful that everyone on my dad's team at work came and helped us. It was just us 5 (me. my husband, my dad/step-mom, and mom) for a while and it felt like we were never going to get done. I haven't found anyone else that has the same company as me, but I will defiantly have to ask around. My adjuster has been amazing, my main issue is the amount of money I'm getting. I am so sorry that you went through Harvey, I couldn't imagine having to deal with that. You're right, I still do have that uneasy feeling that it's going to happen again. Have you ever heard the saying that a tornado sounds like a freight train? It's so true. Several, several years ago at my dad's house there was a really bad thunderstorm. I remember him yelling at my sister and I to get down to the basement, hearing the panic in his voice, and then hearing what sounded like a train. Storm damage people came down and said it was straight line winds, but we don't believe them. I've been meaning to help around the community but I'm trying to get everything back in order here as well. I feel mostly back to "normal" but, theres always going to be that little bit of doubt in the back of my mind. I am glad that you and your family ended up okay after the hurricane, and that you didn't lose anyone.
  13. She never seems to be in whenever I'm online. I haven't gotten anything good from the bags either.
  14. July 19th 2018 was a normal day for me. Went in to work knowing that there was a possibility of thunderstorms around the time when I was supposed to be getting off, no biggie I can handle that. Around 4pm is when the first set of sirens went off, though it was sunny and bright out. Everyone's phones kept going off stating Tornado warning in effect until 4:15. Then it got extended until 4:45 . I was off at 4:30 but decided to wait until the warning was over. Then somewhere between 4:30 and 4:45 the sky got really dark on the one side of town, and the sirens went off a second time. No body really knew what all was going on but, as it turns out a Tornado had touched down and destroyed parts of our town. I wasn't sure if my house had gotten effected but then I heard someone say that the roof of a building a ways down from my house had been torn off. So then I panicked and left trying to speed home to check if my house and cats were okay. It didn't hit me until I got to a bridge that a tornado had gone through. The steeple of our courthouse.. you can see for miles. I first noticed it was gone. a few blocks after this bridge is where you could really see the damage. My mother made it to my house before me and called to tell me I had gotten hit pretty bad. After making a lot of turns, and turning around to find a different way home because of trees laying across the street.. I finally made it home. The gist is... my shingles were torn off (but thankfully no holes in the roof), siding got torn off, my neighbors garage was in my yard, my husbands car was totaled, and a lot of busted windows. Dealing with insurance has not been fun. I don't feel like I have been given enough to cover all the damage, but thankfully my dad knows how to fix things so the only thing I need to hire someone for is to redo the roof. My town was called "a state of emergency" and apparently made some international papers as well. Sorry if this is long, I just needed to get it out somewhere.
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