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  1. I've thought the same thing! I've always wondered why Neopians haven't all gotten together by now and started writing some of those books themselves, we all love them and most would like to really be able to read them. We have tons of people who love to write so why hasn't this been done already? It's a great idea!
  2. I should have checked here first....-hides in a symol hole wearing a Seekers team jersey- uh oh
  3. Thanks Scoob! I turned off Ghostery and got it to work, had the background about a half hour later Lol, honestly, I keep forgetting I have that plug in. I swear sometimes my head is full of rocks!
  4. Well, I got the prizes and the trophy, all but for the Lulu thing. I had done that part too and got the 20 pack of glasses, I visited the page and it showed me a wig and a hideout background prize for completing all 20 days. It said they had been added to my inventory but, when I checked, they weren't there. I tried to send in a ticket but the page is blank when I try and can't send anything, I'll keep trying, might be the browser maybe? Not sure but, yeh, Lulu's prizes were glitched for me in case anyone else has a similar issue.
  5. I love horror games now but the one that actually scared me way back when looks kinda silly now. There was this computer game called King's Field, it was one of those games where all you see of yourself is your hands but only when you were fighting, every sound had that echo effect and the monsters were visible but the way they attacked you was kinda spooky, you could try to sneak around them but then BOOM they're all over you just when you think you're safe! Or they come at you just out of your visual range and the screen would flash red from being hit, you turn to see what's happening and bo
  6. Barf Boat was a hard game and very nearly got me too. If I had to pick one game that could have taken me out, that's the one I'd pick! I baaarely got the score and is was pure luck I did. I'll share my trophy with you @Nielo! I kinda hope it's another game, the end of this is really anticlimactic otherwise. I was hoping for a big ol smackdown between Chadley and AAA or something! XD
  7. 25 points was ridiculously easy to beat, I was expecting a lot more too@Nielo...very disappointing. I didn't get a trophy either. Maybe this isn't the last day? There is one more place left that a note could fit. Maybe AAA shows up tomorrow? I guess I'll go test the shield, hope it's better than the other weapons released this year. T_T
  8. Thanks for the tips Angelo! I beat him, got my score and not playing that game again either XD
  9. Hmmm never played this one before. This should be interesting! Then again...there's an ancient Chinese curse that says 'may you live in interesting times.'...so maybe not that interesting! -crosses fingers- All I know is, l hope it won't be painful. I am half bald from pulling my hair out yesterday as it is...So many drowned petpets...
  10. YEEEESS!! 1207!! Oh Em Gee that was miserable! I hate you Chadley, I hate you so much, with your green hair and smug grin! Ooooo I'm gonna get that gold trophy and beat you within an inch of your life with it!! Bad Chadley! Bad bad Zafara!!!
  11. I get to around 700 or so before 'BLOOP'...my last petpet goes swimming. This game hates me worse than any of the others so far, I struggled with a couple but this one might just ruin my dreams of a gold trophy T_T Not giving up yet though! I'm stubborn!
  12. Oh boy....I think I need a nap before I try this one...bloody pirates... -wanders off singing to herself- Come on everybodyTonight it's party timeGrab a bottle or a crateLeave your blues behindYou're gonna need the cavalryTo get you outta hereThe last time that we had oneIt lasted for a yearWe're gonna partyParty 'til u puke(These people are sick)We're gonna partyParty 'til u puke'Til u pukeDon't worry about the neighborsThey're blind drunk in the looThere'll be no trouble from the police'Cause they're all in here tooWe got the music cranked right upIt's blowing off the roofThere's p
  13. This game has been kicking my tushie for hours now, but, I finally...FINALLY...beat Chadley's score. I was never good at mario, was even worse at sonic and this game? Oooo boy, I'm TERRIBLE at it...I never want to play it again! Never never never! -stuffs it in a box and buries it in the backyard-
  14. Nice to meet you Edwynn! I'm Fanti! Welcome back I came back myself a couple months ago and seems like I'm here for a nice long time, real life got in the way for a few years but has slowed down again lol Lots of changes have happened in the last few years on Neopets so keep an eye out for them, tons of new items, the obelisk wars, the coincidence which generates random events and is kinda like the lab ray but doesn't turn your pet into an invisible poogle..lotsa stuff! A lot has remained the same as well, it's comforting and nostalgic If ya wanna chat feel free to add me, my name is the sam
  15. Soooo I'm not sure what chains are or what all this is for really, assuming its to get avvies for the impossible to get items and such, not sure how this works BUT I wanna help! I saw something about donations. That I can do! So where is this shop at so I can buy stuffs and donate to the greater good?
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