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    Writing, reading, genealogy, history, collecting bears, many types of crafts.

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  1. I've been MIA but hope to be back in the swing of things soon. I hope everyone is doing well. :) My Mom passed away on Thanksgiving weekend, then I was out of town dealing with arrangements. The holidays came and went, and still dealing with the fall-out of the passing. Trying to get back into Neopets again, and hoping for the return of the Caption Competition. I managed to stop in and grab from the Advent Calendar each day, dress my pets and am now customizing them for winter. Trying to, because that part of the site seems slow and glitchy. I'm beginning to realize on the Neo boards that nothing much changes. :D No big surprises there. :guiltysmiley: Anyway, hoping all your holidays went well and you are "enjoying" winter. It's very cold here but no snow yet. I am also wondering if anyone has heard from Josh. I hope he hasn't given up.
  2. Neofriends? I don't know, I haven't even tried to look at it in months and didn't even know it was gone. Neofriends themselves mostly end up just disappointing me and are highly susceptible to rumors and drama. I'm better off on my own. Most are usually on Stealth anyway and I wouldn't know if they were on, lurking, or just plain gone. I just feel I don't need it. Who needs to be disappointed and sad?
  3. I can't agree with the "bottled up and now letting loose" theory. It's a game site and voluntary. It's not prison, they weren't being starved, tortured or forced to be there. Because there are rules and regulations is no reason to act vile and immature. Everything in life has rules and regulations. I had enough sense to not visit those boards or ULs but have read and heard of plenty that was on them. I will not go into some of it here but it was beyond just people acting out and letting off steam. There are plenty of places they can do that on the internet so there is absolutely no excuse for them to do it on Neopets.
  4. Anything would be an improvement over that nightmare from the weekend.
  5. Waiting for prizes that are never given, waiting for the CC and other activities to get fixed, how some players act. All are equally frustrating. :sad01_anim:
  6. Welcome back to Neopets, Hayley. Yes, nice title. Gucci, gucci, coo. :laughingsmiley:
  7. I wish I knew. We have a CC chat board on Charter and we're still keeping up hope but all but a few of us have disappeared from the chat, even those who entered and chatted regularly have disappeared without even saying why Just gone...poof! It's so sad, and a bit hurful.
  8. HI, everyone! :) I've not been around much. I've been busy and not even been on Neopets much but today I did manage to finish a drawing to enter into the BC for the very first time. Now, to get up the nerve to enter it. :laughingsmiley: Other than that, I'm hoping to finish my latest book I'm reading, the first in the new series by the author of the Sookie Stackhouse books. I'm a bit ashamed to say I've been enjoying some tv way too much lately since "Game of Thrones" and "Turn" have begun their new seasons and lovin the new show "I Zombie". So, just finishing my very first drawing for the BC, even if it looks like kindgergarten, is an achievement for me. :) *hugs to all*
  9. Forget the Woodland Scorchio, I want one of those trees! The Scorchio is nice but if I lived where they could grow, I'd grow one.
  10. I'm sorry to see people quit. I'm going nowhere. :) I'm used to frustration, I raised children AND worked for the government. :P I don't know why some have trouble and some don't. I don't seem to have much lag at all and no loading issues. Over the weekend I had zero lag. I've played the new app Ghouls game and receive my prizes and points immediately into my Neopets account so I don't know why I am ok and others aren't. I'm playing the app game on Facebook if that makes a difference. My big issues of angst right now are the constant complaining and the people who won't let go of the changes issue. I'm getting more than a little tired of that. I think the communication with players is now adequate for the situation and I appreciate it. It's more than we've ever had. Other than that, I roll with the punches.
  11. Yes, congrats to everyone who made the winner's list. I wasn't in this time so I tried to spread my votes around as much as possible. Good luck entering this one. I am entering this week as snow is right up my alley, for three months now. More tonight and then another storm on Wednesday into Thursday. Don't even ask if I'm tired of this. I like snow but we've also been sick here every month this winter. I've had enough. So, yes, being chased by giant snowballs is just my thing. :D Hope everyone is well and having a good week so far.
  12. Thanks for this, Siniri. My caption is in this week too. I'm angelbear1124. :) Kody, I think your caption is funny. I am one of those guilty of leaving my tree up into middle of Jan. or even end of Jan. It's always too sad to remove them. I love Christmas trees! We use live trees from a tree and freshly cut them ourselves about 2-3 weeks before Christmas, so it stays fresh a very long time. If I had a fake tree, I'd probably never take it down but change it with each holiday, all year.
  13. jenks

    Snowy Days

    I am one in the snow storm zones the past several days. They do not bother me and I've seen much worse. I kind of like snow when it's winter because I hate the cold and I figure if it's going to be a high of 20 degrees there had better be snow to make up for that. We live in the mountains so we more or less expect it all winter. This winter has been snowless until now though, with one big storm on Thanksgiving and nothing after that. We are always well-prepared and never had a problem. We just stay in with the kitty and fireplace and wait or it to end. We do have a large generator that can power the whole house but, just in case, we can also cook simple things in the fireplace if need be like hot dogs, grilled cheese and such. Anyone else being snowy this week? :)
  14. I am ashamed to say I have a pile of books to get through. I buy them and then my husband buys more for gifts. I also have a Nook he keeps loading up on me. I mean, how can read all of that and still have my Neo and FB time? I usually read more than one book at at time. Right now it's No. 10 in the Kim Harison Hallows series, "A Perfect Blood". There are 13 books in the series but I'm almost complete. I'm also reading Diane Galbadon's "Written in my Own Heart's Blood" but am losing interest in her Highlander series. It started out with more historical aspects that I liked but I think she's now catering to the online romance groupies. Way to ruin a good series. I also have begun "Voyagers of the Titantic", a non-fiction book about all the differnt types of people who were on the Titanic from the designers and builders, to the wealthy and not so-travelers, and the staff. Interesting read. In the meantime, I have a pile of all sorts to begin, including the boxed series of the first five "Game of Thrones" and many mystery series and non-fiction. I think I will start on the newest and last of the series of "Odd Thomas" books by Dean Koontz first. There was a movie made of the first book which I quite liked and I hope they do more movies of the book series.
  15. Welcome Alyssa. I'm Dolores. I am new as well, I joined a few months ago but became more active last week. I find the people here to be very nice, warm and friendly. I know you will also. I love kitty cats, Meepits, customizing my pets, entering the CC and chatting in Charter on Neopets on a few boards. I'm an older Neopian who in RL loves all crafts, lots of reading, gardening, history, travel, and genealogy research. I was a paralegal for many years until I retired at the ripe age of 50. LOL My husband's work kept moving him so I go tired of trying to keep up with finding jobs when we moved. So, I have lots of hobbies now. Neopets is one of them and I've been with Neopets since 2004.
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