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  1. I studied biochemistry. I love it, but kind of need advanced degrees to really work in the field, and I can't really afford that right now ?
  2. I'd recommend feeding them omelette and jelly that you get for free each day. Alternatively, a lot of battledome opponents give food items
  3. Bit of a necro lol But I was speaking about DACA which have not been sent back. Anyone with a felony conviction is automatically removed from DACA. As for people dying, roughly 350 people die per year on their journey into the U.S. since 1998. This is way larger than it should ever be, but it is still far safer than for most of the people attempting to come here. The majority of the people who have been applying for asylum are doing so because of violence in their country of origin. While it's certainly not a safe journey, the odds of dying are extremely low, compared with staying in their home country. The idea that anyone can become a citizen of the U.S. safely and legally simply isn't true. It's extremely difficult to become a citizen if you are not already wealthy and/or have immediate family who are citizens in the U.S. (though Trump has cut this means of becoming a citizen in half since taking office). It is an extremely long, extremely expensive process, and the vast majority of people who apply never make it in. As for diseases, there's a far greater chance of someone visiting a foreign country and bringing a disease back than there is of someone immigrating to the U.S. and bringing a disease. Most of these countries have higher vaccination rates than large swaths of the U.S. for example. There's a reason why all of the outbreaks in the U.S. have been traced back to U.S. citizens traveling abroad, and not from immigrants bringing diseases with them.
  4. It resets it back to the beginning unfortunately ?
  5. Just wanted to mention that this actually causes the price of things to increase, rather than decrease. Usually this is a very big issue in games, but I think the massive over-supply in items is causing the prices over all to shrink faster than the increased np supply can increase them
  6. I'm on the selling side as well lol Odds of winning anything halfway decent is so low that you'll almost definitely be disappointed
  7. I feel like the whole beefed up security on the border was a political move to try and get democrats to bend on other issues. Though it kind of backfired because even republicans think it has gone too far. One thing though, I don't believe that immigrants who came as children have been sent back yet. The Trump administration tried that, but courts shut it down and required DACA be continued for the time being without an end date set. Same thing will likely happen with the current border issue. It's definitely against international law, and most likely against U.S. law, so odds are it's going to get shut down as well.
  8. I assumed it was just my computer as well and ignored them lol Nice to find a way to actually play them when I feel like wasting some np's :P
  9. I've gotten this before, it's definitely not common, but not super rare either. It never expires (I'm 90% sure lol), and does not stack with the Wednesday discount. Congrats on it though, always nice when you get an expensive avatar cheaper than expected :P
  10. Yeah now that I think about it again I'm pretty sure you're correct.
  11. Something else to keep in mind if you're worried about billing is you could always pay through paypal, then if there's an issue you can cancel it on paypal's side. Just another added layer of security.
  12. I don't believe you're allowed to transfer nps between accounts? @OP, I'd personally probably stick with your older account. Since you said you only recently found FC, I'm going to guess you have other ways of making nps? If so, the increase from FC probably isn't worth the "loss" of your main account.
  13. Yeah the coincidence daily has made a lot of old worthless things I used to ignore more valuable, so I have to actually go through and price things lol I personally only buy items to sell on halfprice day. I tend to buy up a lot of items and they usually sell by the end of the month. Other than that I mostly put in stuff I get from dailies and the battledome or items I happen to find cheap while trying to price my own items lol
  14. Another good possibility would be collectable cards or weapons. Both have a ton and not much use for most of them lol I could see petpet's as well I don't know that I agree that the economy is flooded from them. Sure some previously hard to attain items were made more prevalent, but it did wonders on the prices of the cheap items that were used, and I'd imagine it helped server load a significant amount.
  15. I believe they said they try to pick items that don't get used a lot and take up server space, so things there are a lot of extra of sitting around. So that insinuates to me at least that food is unlikely (though of course possible). I'm thinking maybe furniture or things classified as gifts.
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