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  1. On the one hand I do believe that we have a certain responsibility as the dominant species on this planet to take care of it. On the other, we are directly affected by degradation of the environment. Obviously through climate change, but also through loss of biodiversity (potentially relevant biochemicals that we never get a chance to study), loss of ground water, loss of fertile land, etc. I personally find it rather unlikely that a crop failing would cause catastrophic famine in first world countries. We are actually far more diverse with the types of crops we grow compared to our ancestors. Yes, you always hear about loosing heirloom varieties. But for the most part, none of these were ever a staple. On the other hand, we now have access to every major staple crop throughout history. Rice, barley, wheat, corn, potatoes, etc. Add on top of that our improvements in science which allow us to directly combat the potential causes of such a catastrophe in the first place. Something like what you described would definitely be an abrupt shift in our diets. But it would not likely lead to starvation in fully developed countries. Now those countries already facing food insecurities on the other hand, they would likely be in massive trouble...
  2. I studied biochemistry. I love it, but kind of need advanced degrees to really work in the field, and I can't really afford that right now ?
  3. I'd recommend feeding them omelette and jelly that you get for free each day. Alternatively, a lot of battledome opponents give food items
  4. Bit of a necro lol But I was speaking about DACA which have not been sent back. Anyone with a felony conviction is automatically removed from DACA. As for people dying, roughly 350 people die per year on their journey into the U.S. since 1998. This is way larger than it should ever be, but it is still far safer than for most of the people attempting to come here. The majority of the people who have been applying for asylum are doing so because of violence in their country of origin. While it's certainly not a safe journey, the odds of dying are extremely low, compared with staying in their home country. The idea that anyone can become a citizen of the U.S. safely and legally simply isn't true. It's extremely difficult to become a citizen if you are not already wealthy and/or have immediate family who are citizens in the U.S. (though Trump has cut this means of becoming a citizen in half since taking office). It is an extremely long, extremely expensive process, and the vast majority of people who apply never make it in. As for diseases, there's a far greater chance of someone visiting a foreign country and bringing a disease back than there is of someone immigrating to the U.S. and bringing a disease. Most of these countries have higher vaccination rates than large swaths of the U.S. for example. There's a reason why all of the outbreaks in the U.S. have been traced back to U.S. citizens traveling abroad, and not from immigrants bringing diseases with them.
  5. It resets it back to the beginning unfortunately ?
  6. Just wanted to mention that this actually causes the price of things to increase, rather than decrease. Usually this is a very big issue in games, but I think the massive over-supply in items is causing the prices over all to shrink faster than the increased np supply can increase them
  7. I'm on the selling side as well lol Odds of winning anything halfway decent is so low that you'll almost definitely be disappointed
  8. I feel like the whole beefed up security on the border was a political move to try and get democrats to bend on other issues. Though it kind of backfired because even republicans think it has gone too far. One thing though, I don't believe that immigrants who came as children have been sent back yet. The Trump administration tried that, but courts shut it down and required DACA be continued for the time being without an end date set. Same thing will likely happen with the current border issue. It's definitely against international law, and most likely against U.S. law, so odds are it's going to get shut down as well.
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