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  1. I’m not really sure, I’ve been playing Neopets on and off since I was in 5th grade. I hadn’t played for a few years till a couple of days ago and was surprised to see the site still being actively updated. I think a fully functional mobile version could definitely get more people to play the game.
  2. My favorite family recipes are lasagna and this chicken and potatoes dish my great aunt made that my mom makes now.
  3. I hope it doesn't come back, at least not in the same way. I remember having to spend around 90k+ for junk items and it was just really a disaster. I barely got the avatar and don't want to have to go through it again :|
  4. Thank you both! I did notice the slot machine and think its pretty cool :)
  5. Hi! I think I will be returning to Neopets after a long time of not playing. The last tine I think I played was when the App came out and a bunch of staff members got fired. I looked and see that I only missed one avatar release which is surprising. The site doesn't seem much different to me- the battledome is still in beta and I see that there is no more Key Quest. Is there anything else I have missed since then? Thanks!
  6. Oh my gosh I seriously can't believe it 0_0 I've been having a terrible terrible week and this totally made my day omg.
  7. Hi, welcome to TDN and welcome back to Neopets :) I think Kougras are awesome too, I know its not eventide but I have a maracitite Kougra on a side that you can adopt if your interested :)
  8. Oh my gosh, the rock is amazing. I wish this would of been a new Neopet color. I could definitely see it becoming one of my favorites.
  9. I like both colors, the Camo looks so cool! The outfit is really cute also especially the wig. :)
  10. Thank you guys for your opinion. Also for clarification- I'm not the one account sharing I have never done it before. I got into a debate with a friend today about how I think its wrong and wanted to see what people who don't play the game think, as it's a pretty common thing that people who play the game do. At least I don't feel totally crazy now haha
  11. I'm not really sure the game I play cares about it, even though they say account sharing is against the rules. A lot of people that play the game play characters for each other frequently. I asked them why sites have rules against account sharing and they said its so hackers can't get into your account.
  12. Hi, I apologize if this is in the wrong place I'm not really sure where to put it. This is not about Neopets. I play a MMO game with a lot of friends. A lot of people I know like to play the other persons character to get ahead of the game for them when they're busy and can't play. I think this this could be cheating- yes you're not using a program but someone else is playing for you and doing all the work for you. My friends all disagree with me and say its not and that they're just helping each other out. I would just like some opinions from people who don't play the game and hopefully I can be enlightened and understand how this isn't cheating. I think I'm probably biased because on Neopets it would be completely ridiculous to have someone go on your account and play the game for you and against the rules also. Maybe this is why I don't understand. Thank you for your opinions I appreciate it!
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