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  1. I didn't realise Destruct O Match was so dividing; the boards also showed lots of people struggling, but I've always had a fine time with it. Not good enough for the av yet, though, haha. I just hope there isn't another Nova Defender... that one really beat me the year it was out with a high score. I may be thinking of a GMC though but still. I've thought about challenging based on the prizes. Abigail always has such cute ones while AAA's are pretty meh. I didn't notice that both were smashing in Tyrannia omg. I wonder if tomorrow will also be Tyrannia... My secret to Ugga Smash was being the last car standing for all 5 rounds. I get a nice score over 600 each time with that, and the luck of the Grarrl getting the opponents instead of me.
  2. Didn't see any topics where we discuss the Daily Dare games specifically. I'm going for Gold again this year! Day 1 was easy and even Day 2 only took a few minutes once I remembered how to get the score. Perhaps it's because I'm a longtime player, haha. For the last few years, if my high score for the Daily Dare game is higher than AAA's, I know I'll be fine. Have the games been challenging for you so far?
  3. I paid with my debit account through a VISA card, basically. 06/12/2015 20:42 PM PDT Solution Suggested DelilahD. Thank you for writing. I have completed the Membership cancellation on "coryldork" for you today, 06/12/2015. No further steps are necessary for cancellation on this account Thank goodness. It seems that the ticket worked (probably on top of my harassment, heh).
  4. What absolute scum. Seriously. I've sent them messages on Facebook, and have been updating a ticket. I'll try Firefox to cancel. Edit: Does not work in Firefox. The page is no longer blank, but instead shows "Oops! An error has occurred. Please try again."
  5. Yeah, I'll contact my bank (it's a VISA debit and goes to my debit account) to put a Stop Payment on it if I can't cancel through Neopets. Some people have had luck cancelling, so I don't know why some can and some can't. :/
  6. Okay, so it changed my payment method to PayPal without my confirmation of doing so. I logged in, and I didn't click on "Agree and Pay" and instead clicked on "Cancel and return to Neopets Membership." That's just... No. Not cool. Hopefully they respond, yeah. Edit: I get this far, and then this screen goes completely blank.
  7. Thanks for letting me know that their Facebook page is more reliable than their website. I've done that. I don't know what you mean by documenting everything, though. I'll try changing the billing cycle, but I have barely any idea how to do that. Edit: Can't change my payment source from my VISA debit to PayPal. No idea how to change the billing cycle now. Edit2: Tried again, got it to PayPal. It only gives me the option to pay for the annual plan.
  8. I am not the only one having this issue, that's for sure. Boards on Charter have people talking about it. Basically, I go through the cancelling webpages, and when I get to the final confirmation page where I enter my password and hit "Cancel," the page loads to a blank screen. I've tried in Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Cleared my cache and nothing has worked. Internet Explorer displayed a 500 Server Error, so it is DEFINITELY something with Neopets. However, I'm mostly concerned about the legality of this. We are free to cancel at any time, but because of Neopets being broken, we are unable to cancel. If I can't cancel before June 13, I'm being forced to pay another 70$ for a service I don't want and can't afford. If anyone else is having this issue, please let me know. Is it just with the yearly membership, or is it with all memberships? I sent a ticket in yesterday, but I don't know if that will get a response. There should be better contact between Premium members and TNT because we are, well, premium. If anyone has email addresses I can contact at Neopets to see if I can get this sorted, I'd really appreciate it (like support@neopets.com or something. I don't know which ones are used). (Also, if this is in the wrong topic, I'm sorry!)
  9. Items: 189 | Qty: 380 Maybe I'm a little too unattached. I'm attached to my Neopoints more than my items. :P I missed out on the Charity Corner and am berating myself slightly for it because it came with an avatar, bah!
  10. O_O That is a LOT of parsley! (And chef hats. :P)
  11. I think unscheduled downtime has been delaying their plans. As long as everything runs smoothly (or, as smoothly as possible), then signing up later is fine! Besides, the actual games don't start until June. We're in no rush. c:
  12. so many avatars, so little motivation.

  13. I'm in a similar situation. :/ I've been trying for the Jester one for ages and he just won't give it to me.
  14. Mine is currently at 99 hours. According to TNT's updated FAQ, the Altador Cup will officially start on June 1. (Help > The Altador Cup > How does the Rank System work? What is the Rank Badge?) "Beginning on Monday, June 1st, your rank will increase..." I guess early sign-ups are pushed a couple days, especially with the lag that's been going on.
  15. Same here! I've had Premium for a year, and that feature is definitely one of my favourites. SSW, Dailies Tab, and Premium Featured Game are nice too, but that little quick view makes things so. much. easier!!
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