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  1. can't even press the lever. website is soooo slow.
  2. haha I like that! I think because of yesterday with dodgeball and already being out cause of that, today is much simpler for me to ignore and be like "well there's always next year."
  3. oh ok perfect thank you so much! I remember before it was on neomail so glad I know this now. ?
  4. I wish I chose knights instead. all of those games im good at. even people are laughing at the 90 for zurroball today. that was dd score and that's supposed to be harder!
  5. unfortunately no, that's why soooo many people have sent in a letter to tnt because its a good amount of us that this has happened to. They always used to take scores even after the first three but I think they forgot to fix the coding and went on their vacation. Hopefully tomorrow they will fix. Even the Knights feel bad for us.
  6. will I get an neomail letting me know if I was accepted or declined? I chose November for this month but haven't received any information.
  7. pray? haha it's difficult. I don't think anyone is going to be able to finish these challenges at this point.
  8. Thank you! I'm ok with not getting the stamp, it's never been about items for me. Infact I have stamps from previous that I never sold. I guess it's more of pride thing (and a little ocd) cause I always love playing and getting gold. sad. but I'm happy for everyone else who was able to complete.
  9. So upset. Finally got my mouse out and cannot get past 13 seconds. I don't think I should be this stressed so I think I am out. Sad too. Ive done this event for 9 years. I wish the old TNT was here. If th score was 1100 I think that would be challenging but doable. 1500 is soooo out there and sooo many people are out cause of the 3 scores. Sad. I think I might finally be tempted to leave neopets after this. I come for the events and the plots. Sad cause even if I got the score, this team isn't going to win cause so many people are out. They should lower the score to accept more peoples or at least let you try until the end of the event for gold for this game. Even the other team feels bad for us. That says a lot haha.
  10. So the dodgeball. I haven't complained this whole time but this is just...wow. Because of a game issue, two of my scores already sent by accident by just hovering over the button cause thats where my Kiko was. I am afraid to even play/try now. One more score and I am out. I actually wrote into TNT, not that I think it will actually be read. I don't mind spending hours trying to get a score but having it set up this way it's not even fair. Sooo many players are out now. I've spent hours playing these last few days cause I've never been good at games and spent time getting the score and was happy to get it but I can't even try for this one without fear it will send my score. I know they say don't let go of your click until your off the screen but everyone knows its super tense and you get into the game you don't realize what's happening when you lose and just unclick out of habit. That happened to me. Now I don't know what to do. Keep trying and chance not getting it cause the score sends and give up the past few days or just give up now.
  11. I had never played it before and played it last night to complete the list and let me tell you if I would've had to play that today I would've cried.
  12. FUN FACT: I guess this year you have to send the score in with your normal 3 scores. I remember before you could still send the score after the three scores, you just didn't get the np. Guess a lot of people are missing out on gold this year cause of it. Sad.
  13. changed gender....I swear every time I get them all cute with their clothes, their gender changes, and then I have to change the clothing lol.
  14. just happy the event is going on right now. keeps me busy on the site. other than that I don't find I'm on a whole a lot except for when i'm insanely bored and want to work on avatars.
  15. Oh ok good! Glad I can just ignore that one on my list for a while then haha. I've gotten to the point where everything is hard games or random ones so kind of at a stand still.
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