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And we come to the end of the Plot


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I went this morning, looked at the maps, and then went back to talk to the captain again,


It seems they are settling on Mystery Island. But then it hits you!


I know what happened to Hoban, or so the story tells you.


Then you can guess


Here are the choices.


Who Pushed Hoban?

1. Bonju

2. Linae

3. Anshu

4. Kentari


When did he fall?

1. 1:00

2. 2:00

3. 3:00

4. 4:00

5. 5:00

6. 6:00


Where on the ship did he fall?

1. helm

2. starboard railing

3. formast

4. port railing

5. cargo crates

6. aftdeck


Where is Hoban now?

1. E3

2. G19

3. G14

4. G10

5. F6

6. I22


Do you like Hobans hat?

1. yes


Well there are the choices, but which are the right ones.



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Hmm. I think i'll wait till more is known, just in case. I just hope that the plot is more than this, and i'm pretty sure it is.

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yeah but beware i think, the guesses stop on friday updates, thursay updates (thrusday evening friday updates???) because it said come back in a couple of days to see if your right, and as they don't update on a weekend, i say answers released on thrursday evening, and the sip leaves on fridays evening updates (so confusing because tehy update things the day before)

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I think that the answers will be:

1). Bonju (that avie has to have something to do w/it, then he looks so... guilty on the eye of the storm pic. thingy, and because he was the last one to be around Hoban)

2). Its either 5 or 6 because he was last seen at 5.

3). I'd have to guess either the aftdeck (cause he was last seen there), or what Pablo picked, because I really didn't pay attention to that detail.

4). The guide TDN put up said I22, so I'll guess that because otherwise I have absolutely no clue.

5). Yes, whatother option do you get?

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hey I know I'm a newb and all but that pink cougra is very suspicious. Two or three of the characters mention that Hoban said she said that he was bad luck. but she never mentioned it. Also Anshu only seemed to remember that he had a fight with Hoban after we remind him. I think the pink cougra, lennai?, pushed Hoban and made a cover up story with Anshu.

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In the news today it says:


Captain Tuan is getting restless! He'll be leaving port at 2 PM NST on September 7th, so get your guesses in before then!


So you better commit to someone's answers soon! I just put TDN's cos I'm too lazy to try and puzzle it out myself. I trust you guys, you rocked the Altador Plot! Good luck everybody!

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The prizes were good for the little effort we put in to the miniplot

yeah, they were. a nice sidebar and an item. plus i got a spiffy trophy for my lookup. :)

now ive got to figure out how to solve the altador plot. i could never get the stupid combo for those wheels and levers.

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